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Cats Patrol ​was founded to provide you with a comprehensive and easily accessible resource for all things relating to cats. We love cats and we know that you do too so take a good look through our site and improve the lives of your furry friends.

Our mission is to provide our readers with advice, informational articles, buying guides, and product reviews with the intention of highlighting a variety of ways in which you can bring joy to both you and your cat.

Our team of writers originates from a variety of backgrounds including animal experts and pet store employees and are well versed in all aspects of feline health in addition to the toys and accessories which drive cats wild.

Just like any animal, cats possess their own unique personalities and come equipped with a variety of quirks. Most of these can be explained and are covered in our behavioral section which provides a variety of tips and tricks on better understanding your cat.

In our buying guides and product reviews, we cover every must-have cat accessory that you can buy, whether you’re interested in providing somewhere comfortable for your cat to sleep or are simply after the best way to transport them safe during travel.

If you own a cat (or several), we hope that you find our little corner of the internet useful in getting the most out of your time together. Follow us on our journey and we’ll uncover the secrets to successful cat ownership.

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