Bergan Wheeled Comfort Cat Carrier Review

Bergan pet carriers have been the go-to carriers for many pet parents for some time now. What makes them stand out is their affordable price despite the carrier being rigged with numerous useful features.

Now enhanced with removable wheels, does the Bergan Wheeled Comfort Pet Carrier still deliver great service? Find out this as well as a run down of the full features, strengths and weaknesses of this pet carrier in our detailed review below.

​Features Of The ​Bergan Wheeled Comfort Pet Carrier

The ​Bergan Comfort Pet Carrier has been designed with your pet’s ​utmost comfort​ in mind. ​​​

Bergan Wheeled Comfort Cat Carrier

The case utilizes a ​a high quality material construction to ensure that your cat will be safe and secure with the mesh panels providing your cat with plenty of fresh air​. This carrier’s great design will also enable you to store it with ease. Notable features of the ​Bergan Comfort Pet Carrier include:

  • Strong straps and seams, durable zippers, enhanced flexibility, great design and a light weight
  • ​The patented pull strap can be converted into a shoulder strap
  • ​Can be folded down for storage under a bed or in a drawer
  • ​Available in two different sizes with both the medium and large size suitable for cats and other animals up to 22 lbs
  • Detachable wheels for easy storage
  • ​The fleece washable travel bed can be easily removed
  • Storage pocket suitable for small accessories and treats

​Airline Approved

The wheeled Bergan pet carrier has an ultra-posh body that meets five-star travel and accommodation requirements. Furthermore, you can use this carrier to transport your pet both across town and even fly with it outside the country.

This is not just a pretty pet carrier as it matches style and comfort by ensuring a smooth and safe trip for your pets. This is thanks to its soft padded sides which are not too soft to collapse on our pet yet not too hard to bruise them when traveling.

​Large Zipper End Door

Its entrance is large enough for nearly any pet size allowing for easy loading and unloading. It also considers the safety of your pet allowing it to enter and exit freely without getting hurt by squeezing through the door. The door has locking zippers that will ensure your pet is safely and securely locked in the carrier through your periods of travel.

​A Patented Pull Strap

This strap can easily be converted into a shoulder strap that will serve to hold your pet securely in the carrier throughout your travels. When transporting your pet into the car or airplane, the strap will help in pulling the carrier and make the transportation process as effortless as possible. The belt is a two-in-one feature that is unique yet useful as it frees your hands allowing you to carry other items while you wheel the carrier along.

​Pet-Connect Function

The carrier features a pet connect function that serves to entertain and comfort your furry companion throughout the journey. Furthermore, you can quickly reach this feature through the access opening and activate it so that your pet remains entertained throughout the trip. This helps in distracting you pet hence reducing any chances of a panic attack or stress when traveling.

The pet connect slot is zippered to ensure easy access to your pet whenever you need to check in on her or when exiting the carrier. Furthermore, this feature offers affection and companionship whenever your pets might feel lonely during your journey.

​​Enhanced With Detachable Wheels

This carrier comes with wheels which are a big help in moving your pet around, especially on unleveled surfaces such as stairs. The wheels are removable enabling you to detach them when not in use. When on tough terrain, you can detach the wheels and reattach them when you get to a more level surface. It also helps that there are four wheels instead of two which redistributes the weight of your pet evenly.

​Comes With Ample Space

The carrier itself is large enough to allow you to carry extra luggage that may include treats for your pets during your travels. This carrier also contains two side pockets that are handy for taking food and other essentials including toys that your pet might need on the road. This ensures that your pet has ample space to stretch and lay comfortably.

​Well Padded Sides

The sides of this pet carrier are cushioned to prevent any possible injuries that may occur to your pet while on a trip. Furthermore, when you are traveling by road, and you encounter rough terrain, there is no need to worry. Your pet will be well cushioned from any outside influences. Additionally, the padded sides provide insulation keeping the carrier warm. This keeps your pet warm throughout the journey further enhancing its comfort while in the carrier.

​Superior Ventilation

In addition to the padded sides, the walls of this carrier are covered with micro mesh fiber. The mesh ensures sufficient air supply in the carrier keeping your pet comfortable and safe by eliminating any chances of suffocation. Furthermore, the aerations act as temperature regulators and in cases where the air is too hot, you can count on the openings to provide fresh, cool air for your pet.

​Seatbelt Loops

Attached to this carrier are seatbelt loops which help in attaching a seat belt during car rides. This ensures that your pet stays firmly fixed onto the car seat in case of any violent movement during your drive. Besides, it is always safe to strap your cat carrier with a seat belt for the sake of safety.

​​Fleece-Washable Travel Bed

Maintenance for this pet carrier is reduced as you can always wash it at home as you wish (hand wash or machine wash). Furthermore, the travel bed will enhance the comfort of your pet throughout the journey. You are at liberty to clean the bed at the end of the ride without having to look for a specialist cleaner as you can use standard ordinary detergents for this purpose.


​Monitoring Your Pet Throughout The Journey

The mesh ventilation is ample enough to ensure that you have an eye on your companions as you travel. Therefore, you can tell whenever any discomfort arises and when your pet is hungry among other things. Hence, there are no worries about whether your pet is comfortable or stressed in the pet carrier and the fact that your pet is always in sight will make the journey more bearable for the pets.

​The Price Matches Its Value

For around $70 you will be able to buy this carrier despite the many extra features it presents. What features? You ask. These include, the removable wheels, padded sides, mesh ventilation, comfortable travel bed and pull strap that converts into a chest strap and the overall design.

​Easy To Use Wheels

The wheels are designed to pop on and off quickly whenever you need to use them. In such a way, you can take them off while in the car and put them back on when outside or when the need to tow your pet arises. All in all, the wheels are designed to make your work effortless when traveling with your pet.

​The Carrier Can Fit Under The Seat

You can keep the carrier under the seat during traveling, which ensures that you can keep an eye on your pets throughout the journey. Furthermore, you can use a seat belt on the container, and it will work for all your companions and provide stress-free trips.

​Most Pet Sizes Can Fit Inside Comfortably

It is possible that you can accommodate up to a 22lbs pet in this carrier.  Most pets weigh far less than the maximum weight and you can be sure that they will be comfortable when traveling in this spacious pet carrier.


​Your Pet May Be Able To Topple Over Inside The Carrier

If your pet tries to shift around or stand up as you tow the carrier, it will most likely topple over and fall. This also happens, when negotiating turns; the carrier can topple over and cause injuries to your pet, among other things. Therefore, the need for extra care when towing the pet carrier arises to ensure the comfort and stress-free relocation of your pets. Also, make sure the carrier is not too big for your furry friend.

​It Might Be Difficult For Your Pet To Turn Around

The pet accommodates weights up to 22 lbs. However, some lighter pets are of a larger body size and might have difficulties making turns in the pet carrier. This may be limiting to some pets, especially large dogs.

​Our Verdict

The first thing you notice about this carrier is the beautiful design, paired with ample space for your pet. This makes the journey for both of you quite comfortable. The fact that this carrier has detachable wheels is also noteworthy as you are presented with the option of choosing whether to use them or forego the whole experience altogether. Most pet carriers don’t have this option. The extra padding, ample ventilation and safety features (such as seat belt loops) are more reasons to buy this stylish yet affordable carrier.

However, we do notice that the mesh panels lack privacy flaps which might be a deal breaker for pet owners who love their privacy. Its large size is great for some pets but it comes with the risk of your pet toppling over when wheeling the carrier. For this reason, it might be best to test it before buying in order to get the size bit right.

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