Best Blinds for Homes with Cats

Cats are curious little creatures. They love to sit on the windowsill and stare at the world outside from the comfort of their homes. They enjoy seeing the neighbors go about their busy lives. Occasionally they will meow at the children playing outside or the delivery man who is approaching your front door.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

Windows that are covered with thick blinds and curtains can be an annoyance of cats. It obstructs their view and are too difficult to part. In their annoyance, cats don’t mind scratching, biting and chewing the blinds and curtains.

Blinds and curtains made of lacy fabrics and bendable materials like aluminum and PVC are a big no for homes with cats. Your cat will not think twice as it tears your curtain down or breaks the slants of your blinds, in a struggle to see through the windowpanes. Moreover, blinds that are adjusted using a cord can injure your cats. They can get tanged in the cord while playing with it. So for the safety of your cat and longevity of your blinds, it is best that you choose the one that is cordless and made from durable materials.

The 5 Best Blinds for Homes with Cats

To help you in this mission, here is our list of best blinds for homes with cats. You can go through this list and pick the one that fits your window perfectly.

White cat hiding behind curtains

1. Achim Home Furnishings, White Cordless-Faux Wood Plantation Blind

These beautifully colored, Faux wood textured blinds are made with sturdy and durable vinyl. It is a cordless blind that ensures the safety of your cats and uses a simple lifting and raising mechanism for adjusting the height of your blinds. The tilt wand at the side of your blind can be used for adjusting the position of slits for the opening and closing of blinds.

Each 2-inch-wide slat is made of embossed foam vinyl with wood texture to give it the appearance of a wooden blind. Every single slat is durable and cannot break or bend even if your kitty goes on a destructive spree. These plantation blinds can be used on any window of your home. Its modern features with traditional faux wood texture work well with the interior designs of most of the homes.

It can easily be mounted inside or outside the window and comes with an easy to understand instruction manual for mounting. This blind is available in 15 different sizes and is suitable for windows that are 0.95cm smaller and 0.5 inches wider than the stated size. The blinds are available in 7 different colors including, white, gray, mahogany and maple.

Achim Home Furnishings Faux Wood Plantation Blinds can be a stylish addition to your home, giving you good value for money and ensuring your cat’s safety as she looks out of the window.

2. Easy Lift Trim-at-Home, Fabric Blind

Easy-Lift Trim-at-Home’s Fabric blinds are ideal for homes with pet cats and young children. Its cordless and easy lift mechanism for the opening and closing of blinds protects your cats from getting entangled. These affordable pleated blinds are made with soft spun lace fabric that filters sunlight, provides privacy and protection against harmful UV rays.

Designed in California, USA by Redi Shade, Easy Lift Trim-at-Home Fabric blinds can be easily trimmed at home with scissors for perfect fitting. It is available in 4 different sizes and 2 colors; white and natural.

These easy-to-install blinds do not require drilling or screwing and instead use peel and place adhesive application for installation.

3. LUCKUP Fabric Window Roller Shades Blind

The Luckup Fabric Window Roller Shades Blinds are ideal if you are looking for a 100% blackout solution for your rooms. It is perfect for homes that have large wall-sized windows. Its thermal insulation and UV protection technology ensures that you and your cat are protected from the harmful rays in sunlight.

It is waterproof blind that gives you complete privacy and is works best for bedrooms, bathrooms and offices.

Luckup Roller blind’s special safety feature includes a chain connector. In case you cat gets entangled in the chain, it will be disconnected by a certain pulling force to prevent you cat from being injured. The length of blind can be adjusted through this chain.

This grey colored fabric blind is made from 100% polyester material that cannot get torn easily even if your cat chews or scratches it. It is 26 inches wide and 79 inches in length and can easily cover full sized windows.

4. SUNFREE Blackout Window Blinds

Sunfree Total Blackout Window Blinds are cordless and use a spring lifting system for the opening and closing of blinds.

These fabric roller blinds are available in 16 different sizes and five different colors to give you sufficient control over its customization.

The safe cordless design of these blinds has a built-in spring system to keep your cat safe from injuries. The rate of raising for the blind can be adjusted. The dangling ball at the bottom of the blind that is used for lifting and pulling the blinds, can work as a toy for your playful cat. When the world outside the window becomes dull and boring, your cat can claw at the ball for fun.

Made from think fabric and with a silver coating at the back, these blackout roller blinds shield your home from UV rays in the summer and cold air in the winter.

They are easy to install and can be wiped clean with wet cloth to remove dust and stains.

5. Yoolax Motorized Blinds

Yoolax Motorized Blinds can be a perfection to your minimalistic modern homes. It is controlled by a remote and is compatible with Alexa and Google Home to give you a hassle-free, smart-living experience.

Made from durable double-sided texture polyester fabric, these blinds are thick and three-layered. Its complete blackout shading provides, heat-insulation, protection against cold winds and privacy for your homes. These blinds are suitable to be installed at homes and workplaces.

These blinds are easy to wipe clean with a wet cloth. Their cordless design is pet friendly.

The Yoolax Motorized Blinds are custom made to give you complete control over its size and colors. All motorized blinds come with a 2-year warranty period on the motors and remote controls.

Your cat is bound to enjoy the automatic lifting of these blinds.

Our Final Thoughts

Finding a cat proof blind that is durable and fits your window perfectly can be tough especially when you want a blind that gives you complete privacy and UV protection.

But we hope that with our list of best blinds for homes with cats, you will be able to find the one that is safe for your cats and shields your home.

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