Best Books About Cats

Being a cat lover comes with its fair share of hilarity as we go about navigating our lives around the lives of our adorable feline friends. From trying to understand their quirks to their daily shenanigans, we find ourselves completely occupied for the day.

Jokes aside, there is a lot of misconception around the understanding of cat behavior which often leads to a complete misinterpretation of what our purry friends are trying to tell us.

7 of the Best Books About Cats

Recently, cat owners have been going to great lengths trying to learn more about understanding and caring for their pets to be able to communicate with them more effectively. This, in turn, has led to a surge in demand for information about cats from a behavioral and general point of view.

Best Cat Books

Keeping this new development in mind, we have compiled a list of the best books about cats for all the cat lovers. Depending on their interest base, the recommendations have been divided into 3 main categories. So without further ado, let’s explore the recommended titles!

The Best Books about Understanding and Caring for your Feline

Following is a list of informative books about cats to help you best understand their needs:

a. Cat Sense: How the New Feline Science Can Make You a Better Friend to Your Pet – John Bradshaw

This book is definitely one of the best books about cats and is a must read if you are trying to communicate better with your pet. The author has provided an in-depth knowledge of the working of the feline mind and provided valuable insights about the way cats understand stimuli.

This book is a must read if you’re trying to understand your pet and determining which trainings will work best for them.

b. The Behaviour of the Domestic Cat, 2nd Edition – John Bradshaw

Another comprehensive piece of writing by John Bradshaw, this book takes a more macro approach and takes the reader through the general understanding of the typical behaviors of a domestic cat.

It explores the impact of domestication on cats and the subsequent changes that happened to their physiological and psychological development as a consequence. It further delves into the reality of their core instincts, the changes and how the understanding of both can help explain their behavioral responses.

It is a good read for everyone who wants to better understand why cats feel the need to perform predatory behavior; hunt when food is provided for; and several other social behaviors.

c. Catify to Satisfy: Simple Solutions for Creating a Cat-Friendly Home – Jackson Galaxy

Jackson Galaxy, famously known on the social media and among cat lovers as the Cat Daddy, gained recognition as a cat behaviorist who was able to communicate with some of the most difficult to handle cats.

Years of experience in handling and understanding different types of cats has made Jackson an expert on everything feline. His book is an excellent guide for cat guardians in creating an optimal space for their cats in their homes.

He extensively addresses the several issues which come up with having a house cat, like furniture destruction and litter box usage. He then explains how a little addition and change in the environment in the house can help get rid of these behaviors while simultaneously increasing the cat’s happiness.

If you’re having trouble homing your cat or are looking to adopt one, give this book a read!

The Best Books about Real Cats and Their Stories

Following is a list of books about cats and their real life stories with their humans:

a. A Street Cat Named Bob – James Bowen

Once upon a pre-Covid time, I went to the cinema to watch a film about a street cat, unprepared for the number of emotions I would experience as I sat through the journey of a man struggling with addiction and the cat who helped him defeat it.

The film was based on the book ‘A Street Cat Named Bob’ which narrates the real life experiences of the author and his feline companion. I cannot express how deeply I was touched by the story and how much I recommend this book to not just cat lovers but to anyone who likes a compelling read.

This story is an exceptional representation of the depth of the impact our animal partners have on our lives.

b. Dewey the Library Cat: A True Story – Vicki Myron

Another book about cats which needs to make it to the reading list of every cat lover is Dewey, the Library Cat. The book is a true story about a little feline who was left on the door steps of a library and was nursed back to health by Vicki Myron who went on to write the book.

This is another tale about a little feline who helped bring joy to everyone around them by their simple, energetic and jovial presence. Dewey gained fame for his permanent position as one of the library staff members and ended up appearing on newspapers and even television.

The book was written in Dewey’s memory and has carried on the story of the library cat into the next decade!

Best Books about Cats with a Touch of Humor

Following is a list of books that give a funny spin to our experiences around our feline friends:

a. I am a Cat – Soseki Natsume

Written from the perspective of a cat, this book is a humorous satire of the Japanese upper middle class. The genius of the author is in the way he has used sarcastic underlying tones, as are popularly associated with felines, to offer his take on how ridiculous humans must appear to a lazy feline.

If you like quirky satires and love cats, this book is the right read for you!

b. How to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting To Kill You – Matthew Inman

This cat book is a hilarious take on our lives with cats. Using simple illustrations and short descriptions, it takes the readers through its rib-tickling explanations for the affectionate or odd behaviors cats typically exhibit around their humans.

Our Final Thoughts

To sum it up, the best books about cats are those that are able to fully represent the adorable felines in all their gorgeous glory! Whether you are looking for information, life-story or humor, you are sure to find some amazing literature that will suit your needs and interests.

We hope you enjoyed our recommendations for the best books for cats. Do check out our other informative blog posts to find a few tips and tricks for creating a happy space for your cats!

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