Best Brushes for Persian Cats

A significant part of having a Persian cat for a companion is managing their grooming. Cats’ coats are an important part of their well-being and, therefore, their maintenance comes under the domain of primary care needed for your feline friend(s).

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

Since choosing the right brush for a Persian cat can get a little tricky, we have prepared a little guide to help you understand the reasons for brushing and included a list of recommendations at the end for the best brushes for Persian cats.

The 5 Best Brushes for Persian Cats

With the brushing guide covered, we can move on to the recommendations for the best brushes for Persian cats.

1. Hertzko Self Cleaning Cat Slicker Brush

Designed for longer haired cats, this brush is perfect for removing excess hair, dirt and tangles without harming your cat’s skin. The detangling prevents knotting and smoothing out of the coat.

Brushes to use for your Persian Cats

It is also easy to clean. A button at the top makes the bristles retract and the collected fur can simply be picked off and thrown without any hassle.

2. Safari by Coastal Self-Cleaning Slicker

This brush is another amazing brush for combing, brushing and detangling your Persian cat. It is gentle on their skin, easy to use and comes in 3 different sizes.

It also has retractable bristles which makes clean up easy and convenient.

3. FURminator DeShedding Tool

Another brush longer haired cats, the FURminator is a good choice for brushing your Persian. It is comfortable to hold and effective in removing the dead hair from the undercoat.  This leads to reduced shedding and hairballs and a healthier coat for your cat.

The drawback of the product is that it needs the fur to be combed to be able to remove mats and is pricier than the other options.

Why is Brushing a Persian Cat Important?

For starters, let’s understand why brushing a cat is important. Although cats are generally self-sufficient when it comes to taking care of themselves, they do need a little help with their grooming every now and then. While the shorter haired cats need brushing once a week at most, the longer haired cats, like Persian cats, need to be brushed daily.

Some of the reasons why brushing your Persian’s coat is important are as follows:

a. Prevents Fur Matting

Matted fur is a common problem especially in the longer haired cats. It occurs when bits of fur clump together in knots and, if left alone, can become painful for the cats. Regular brushing prevents knots from forming.

b. Reduces Shedding

Everyone with a house cat knows that cats shed… a lot! Whether you have a short haired cat or a long haired one, you’ll notice their fur in every single corner of the house they chose to grace with their presence.

Brushing helps reduce the shedding. Since the brushing gets rid of a lot of broken fur, the cats end up creating less of a fur mess around the house. The shedding won’t stop entirely, but there will be a clear reduction in the amount of shedding that happens.

c. Prevents Fleas, Ticks and Hairballs

Being pestered by flea and tick infestations can be detrimental to the health of your four legged companion. Regular brushing will help prevent these parasites from gaining ground and keep you more informed about your cat’s health.

Additionally, the brushing will also take care of excessive hairballs by preventing the fur from getting tangled up and swallowed during your cat’s self-grooming sessions.

d. Helps Older Cats Groom

As cats get older, it becomes more difficult for them to groom themselves because of reduced mobility and other health issues. They still want to groom themselves but it too painful for them to do so.

Regular brushing helps the older cats get groomed without having to feel any extra pain than they are already experiencing. It keeps their coat clean and makes them happier.

e. Improves Relationship

It is a well-known fact that not all cats are particularly enthusiastic about being smothered with affection. For the people with a physically distant feline companion, the regular brushing can actually be a bonding exercise.

Once the cats get accustomed to the routine of brushing, they are less likely to kick up as much of a fuss about being held and may just give you the honor of being their armchair.

Mistakes to Avoid When Brushing Your Persian Cat

Now that we have covered the reasons brushing is important, let’s briefly run through some mistakes you need to avoid when brushing a Persian cat.

a. Using the Wrong Brush

Brushes for long haired cats are different from brushes for short haired cats. Take care to buy a brush which is better suited for your Persian cat.

b. Trying to Remove Matts

Matted fur is tricky to remove so don’t try to push and pull your way into removing it. It will just cause your cat pain. If the knots are difficult, take your cat to the groomer to help with the issue.

c. Ignoring Direction of Hair Growth

This common mistake can be very painful for the cats. Always ensure that you are brushing in the same direction as the hair growth and not against it. Brushing in the wrong direction despite the cat’s protest might just earn you a scratch from your very angry cat.

Our Final Thoughts

Persian cats are wonderful companions who need regular (read daily) brushing to stay healthy and lively. The brushing not only keeps them parasite free, it also takes care of a part of their grooming to which keeps them and the home cleaner and tidier.

Avoid forcing your way through a mat or a tangle as it is likely to hurt them and stay mindful of their comfort to make the process as enjoyable for them as possible. Remember that the best brushes for Persian cats are ones which have been designed for longer haired cats.

Now that you have the brushing sorted, check out our recommendations for the best cat shampoos to help you groom your cat even better.

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