Best Carpets for Cats with Claws

Scratch! There she goes again. She has found the perfect spot to scratch her nails sharp. Your carpet! That’s right. It is the texture of your carpet that she finds perfect for sharpening her claws.

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As she nestles in, digging her claws deeper into your soft, warm carpet, she purrs with glee, well-aware that she has destroyed your expensive center carpet but you cannot do anything about it. The more you will stop her, the deeper she will dig her claws because that is the relationship you bargained for.

Since, you cannot stop your cat from doing on her occasional destructive sprees, and cannot do away with carpets at your home, it is time to settle for a win-win situation. You must furnish your home with carpets that will not appeal to her. Cats are the literal queens of all pets. They do not set foot on surfaces that have a strange texture. She will give it a good look, snarl and go about her business, unbothered. If the surface is not good for her, she has better places to go to.

The 5 Best Carpets for Cats with Claws

To help you understand what we mean, we have compiled for you a list of best carpets for cats with claws, that you can use to prevent your cat from scratching away your luxury designer carpets.

tabby cat hiding under a carpet

1. Koeckritz Purple- Cut Pile Indoor Carpet

Koeckritz Purple- Cut Pile Indoor Carpet is an excellent option of you are looking for something that is functional and aesthetically pleasing. This thick plush pile indoor carpet is purple in color and measures 6×9 inches.

Made from a polyester filament fiber, the carpet weights 25.5 oz. Its bound edge finishing prevents the carpet from fraying around the borders. It can be custom made and cut to fit your room perfectly. Orders are taken for all sizes.

Manufactured using an action back backing, this carpet is anti-slipping and anti-skidding. It does not move from its place and ideal for homes with pets and children.

This carpet comes with a Permashield advanced stain protection that allows the removal of most household stains. It is easy to clean and the color will not fade upon washing. Dyed with natural colors, this carpet provides a long-lasting solution for your cat’s grooming needs and your desire for exquisite interior.

2. Modern Style Flatweave Rug

Flat weaving rugs are best for homes with cats. Unlike the hand loomed woolen or loop carpets, flat weaving rugs don’t get damaged easily because of scratching.

This bordered flat weaving rug is hardwearing and can easily withstand, dirt, constant movement and moisture. It is best suited for areas where there is a lot of movement like patios, dinning rooms, living rooms and bedrooms.

This carpet is brown in color and 160 x 230cm in size, making it an excellent option for all homes.

It is made from 100% Polypropylene that makes it stain-free and easy to clean. It has been labelled as a pet and children friendly carpet and has a pile height of 8mm. It can easily be vacuumed or washed with light detergents.

It comes with a money back guarantee and with a promise that you will be completely satisfied with its use.

3. Nisorpa Large Sisal Runner Rug

The Nisorpa Large Sisal Runner rug is ideal for your cats unstoppable scratching routines. Made from 100% natural sisal with round cotton border, this rug is durable and has a comfortable rope texture.

It is a hardwearing, rustic rug that can easily withstand dirt, mud, moisture and your cat’s constant clawing.

It is an anti-slip solution for your home. The non-slip Nonwovens at the back of the rug keeps sisal area rug firmly in place and reduces the risk of slipping.

Its long rectangular shape and neutral colour (beige) makes it ideal for all interior designs. It is best for corridors, kitchen, dining areas and bedrooms. With a total thickness of 6mm, it helps keep your house warm during harsh winters.

Nisopra sisal runner rug is very easy to clean and maintain. It is safe for vacuuming and can be washed using light detergents and water.

This natural sisal runner rug is 300cm long and 80cm wide with a total weight of 5kg.

4. Casa Pura Living Room Rug

Made from synthetic materials, this flatweave sisal rug is environmentally friendly. It is great for homes with cats because the sisal material and its long length gives your cat plenty of space to scratch and sharpen its nails.

This hallway runner is 66cm wide and 130 cm long. It is available in 7 different colors including; blue, green, silver, beige and terracotta to balance the interiors of your home.

Made in Germany, this sisal effect rug, has a soft surface to give your feet the comfort they require after a stressful day. Each carpet is hand cut to give its border a fine finishing. This prevents the carpet from fraying around the edges.

It is ideal for your corridors, kitchen, dining area and bedrooms.

The rug is washable and very easy to maintain. It is safe for vacuuming and can be dry cleaned using carpet detergents to remove stubborn stains and dirt.

It is a long-lasting solution for homes with cats. It is a hardwearing and non-shedding sisal rug that can withstand traffic, pressure, your cat’s scratches, bites, and even urine and fecal matter.

The anti-static surface of this carpet will help avoid nasty electric discharge. This flatweave runner is designed to absorb sound and impact while insulating your home for thermal warmth.

You even have the option to choose the size that fits best as this rug is available in 8 different sizes with 200x300cm being the largest.

Our Final Thoughts

If you have a cat at home and she loves to sharpen her nails on your carpet then it is best to avoid deep pile carpets and the ones with looped fibers. Not only are these carpets a magnet for cat hair, but they also get easily damaged from your cat’s constant clawing.

However, with our list of best carpets for cats with claws, you don’t have to worry about seeing your carpet get shredded nor do you have to settle for carpet-less interiors. Just take your pick and Amazon away.

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