The Best Cat Backpack Carriers

If your cat is an adventure cat, she’ll love it when you buy her a cat backpack. They’re becoming increasingly popular as cat owners realize their cats like to come along on a hike or to get a better view when they’re accompanying their human on a visit. They’re also, let’s face it, a lot easier for the human involved – a backpack spreads the weight more evenly and leaves both your hands-free, compared to a regular carrier that puts all the weight on one side of your body.

In a Hurry? Check Out Our Top Cat Backpacks

There are also advantages for your cat. Normal, hand-held cat carriers swing around as you walk because your arms move backward and forwards. With a backpack, the pack moves around less – giving kitty an easier ride. And instead of being at about the same height as everyone’s knees, she’s way up high, with a great view of the world around her.

​Your Guide To Buying A Cat Backpack

Issues to consider when choosing a kitty backpack include making a note of how large and heavy your cat is. Most backpacks are for smaller cats up to 12 lbs, but we did find a few packs that would take a larger cat. Then you need to think about whether your cat prefers confined spaces, or wants to be on top of things; some cat backpacks are basically a box on your back, while others give your cat the chance to pop her head out or peer through a transparent bubble or window and take a look around.

Additional Accessories

In addition, you should also consider investing in a cat leash with a harness to tether your cat within the backpack when traveling. This is an added safety feature and will prevent your cat from escaping if you choose to leave the top open.

best cat backpack carriers

Backpack Storage

​You’ll also want to think about how much of your stuff needs to go into the backpack, whether that’s just your keys, or a smartphone and tablet and lunch and a water bottle. Not all packs have much in the way of pockets or additional storage space.

Backpack Comfort

You also need to think about what you’re using a rucksack for. Not all packs are comfortable for real hiking; some are best for the cat about town rather than for a full-on adventure cat. Carrying your cat should be as comfortable as possible.

​Your pet backpack carrier needs to simplify portable travel so always bear this in mind.


Some pet backpacks offer greater visibility for your kitty than others. Bubble viewing windows work well for providing your cat with maximum visibility but mesh also works well and may be preferable for those looking for additional air vents.

Backpack Durability

​Your pet backpack will be subject to wear and tear so it is important that it is durable enough to protect your cat and your belongings. All of the backpacks we have reviewed are hard wearing and some are even scratch-resistant.

By the way, if you’re thinking about the kind of pet backpack you often see small dogs in, with little holes to put their legs through – don’t. Dogs look cute in these, and they’re super happy in them, too. But very, very few cats enjoy that kind of a ride.

The 6 Best Cat Backpacks

Here are more details on our top six picks for the best cat backpacks that you can buy.

​​​​​​​​​​​​1. P​etsfit Comfort Carrier Backpack

Pros & Cons

​The Petsfit Comfort Carrier is a firm, almost cubic backpack with padded back and straps (except for the waist and chest straps, which aren’t padded). With mesh windows at the sides and back, ventilation is good and your cat can watch the world go by. It’s tall enough for the cat to sit upright, and it has a tether fitted inside the backpack so you can attach your cat’s harness to stop him jumping out.

  • ​Perfect for cats weighing up to 15 lbs in weight
  • ​Great visibility and ventilation for your cat
  • ​Built-in tether option for extra security
  • Both front and top-loading
  • ​Nearly faultless; although more storage space would be useful

​The pack can be loaded from the front or from the top, and there’s a side pocket for keys or smartphone – but not much more storage space. The top panel can be opened if you want to let your cat look out of the top of the pack.

Our Thoughts

The bottom is good and firm and is removable for easy cleaning, and the whole thing folds flat for shipping and easy transport. At around $50 this is a good, solid carrier that you could take on a day hike with your cat. There are two drawbacks – limited color options, and the fact that if your cat’s heavier than 15lbs, this pack won’t cope. A bit more storage space also wouldn’t hurt.

​​​​​​2. Pet​ Gear I-GO2 Sport Roller Backpack

Pros & Cons

PetGear’s Escort Roller backpack pet carrier isn’t really for hiking, but it’s a great option to free your hands when you’re taking kitty to the vet or off on holiday. It’s the most flexible cat carrier backpack we’ve seen – it can be used as a backpack, a wheelie suitcase with a telescoping handle, a tote, or a car seat (it has loops to pass the seat belt through).

  • ​Very versatile backpack with multiple usage options
  • ​Can be used to transport your cat whilst traveling by car
  • Multiple size options for larger cats
  • ​Great value for money
  • Would be even better if airlines approved for it for air travel

​With mesh windows and ventilation panels, this is one of the larger backpacks we looked at – if it’s not big enough you can go up to ‘traveler’ size (the product page contains detailed information on the different sizes). It’s roomy and good for cats who don’t like to be confined, and at $40-50 it’s inexpensive considering the number of ways you could use it.

Our Thoughts

​​There are a few niggles. The mesh is not the most robust in the world and it could do with some more padding in the bottom. A few buyers have had problems with the wheels, often a weak point in rolling luggage. It’s also a pity that it’s not airline approved, otherwise the roller would come in really useful. So this might not be right for you if your cat likes to claw things – but the versatility of the backpack makes it a real contender.

3. ​​​​​​​​Lemonda Cat Bubble Backpack

Pros & Cons

Lemonda’s futuristic backpack is like a space capsule for your cat, with a huge cat bubble window and big ventilation grommets – if your cat aspires to be an astronaut, this is for you. There’s no mesh to tempt your cat’s claws (though the bubble can be replaced by a mesh window if your cat prefers it). This pack is a great one if your cat likes being the center of attention because she’s sure to get noticed. It also comes in quite a few funky colors like bright yellow, electric blue, and lime green.

  • ​Perfect for cat owners who love the cat backpack bubble look
  • ​No mesh for extra security
  • Available in a range of colors
  • Top-mounted handle provides several carry options
  • ​Not ideal for very large cats

​The pack is made of a molded acrylic panel with a robust canvas backing and comes with a lovely velvet pad inside to make your feline as comfortable as possible. Because the acrylic panel is quite rigid, the pack keeps its shape well. It has padded shoulder straps, but it doesn’t have a waist strap to stabilize it, so it’s not the best pack for serious hiking, more for strolling around town. A big handle on top makes it easy to use as either bag or backpack and the ventilation holes at the bottom will ensure that your cat is comfortable.

Our Thoughts

This isn’t a budget option – it will cost you $60 or so – and it probably won’t suit a larger cat. There are a couple of drawbacks, too; the plastic bubble dome can get scratched or cracked, and it can be a little bit tricky to fit the front panel of the pack. But if you want the best looking, most hip traveler bubble backpack for your cat, this is it.

​​​​​​​​​​4. CozyCabin Cat Carrier Backpack

Pros & Cons

The CozyCabin backpack is a cute pack with a big porthole in the back of it. Your cat can stick her head out and look at whatever’s going on.

Of course, that also means she can escape, and being a cat, she ‘ll probably try… so there’s a leash attachment. Be careful to make sure it’s a short leash that doesn’t let her jump out!

  • ​Cost-effective
  • Internal leash attachment for extra security
  • Great viewport
  • ​Comes in three different sizes
  • ​Some owners find the straps uncomfortable

Some cats will love this pack. Other cats will hate it, and it’s fair to say that this pack mainly sells to dog owners. But it’s a nicely put together and well-padded pack, with padded shoulder straps and a waist strap, and it comes in three different sizes up to 17.7 inches tall for cats up to 12 lbs. As usual with kitty backpacks, it’s probably best to go one size up from the one you think you need.

Our Thoughts

Some owners have had niggles with the straps on this pack, and don’t find it at all comfortable. At around $30 it may be worth a try if you think your cat would enjoy it.

5. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Lolliemeow Cat Carrier Backpack

Pros & Cons

​Lolliemeow’s backpack is really only for the littlest cats, up to about 7lbs, but if you have kittens you need to take places, it could be a really good option. It’s similar in design to the Petsfit backpack, pretty boxy with mesh panels in the top and front of the pack, and a deep mesh pocket on the side.

  • ​Well padded for safety
  • ​Removable internal fleece
  • Plenty of mesh panels for visibility and ventilation
  • Top loading
  • ​Only suitable for kittens and smaller cats

​It’s a top-loader, and quite well padded, with a removable fleece bed making it easy to clean. It’s also fully collapsible once you get home from your hike, and comes in several trendy colors like hot pink.

Our Thoughts

​At around $60, it’s amongst some of the less expensive backpacks available. It’s a pity that it’s just half an inch too big to count as airline approved, though some owners have got away with it by just squishing it a bit or lying it on its side under the seat. It’s also not the most robust of packs – apparently a few cats have managed to claw their way through the mesh panel.

6. ​”The Fat Cat” Backpack (Best Backpack for Large Cats)

Pros & Cons

The team here at CatsPatrol know that domestic cats come in a variety of sizes and that some of our furballs are simply huge. It is for that reason that we’ve reviewed a cat backpack that is specifically designed for the ‘sturdier’ cats out there.

Your Cat Backpack have quickly established themselves as a leading manufacturer of backpacks for cats and other related feline accessories and products, partly due to the fact that they have identified and capitalized on a gap in the market.

Their “The Fat Cat” backpack is one such example of a product that has been produced to satisfy customer demand as a common concern is that some backpacks simply aren’t strong or durable enough to deal with a ‘full-sized’ cat.

  • ​The largest backpack for cats available
  • Very strong mesh panelling
  • ​Internal clip and bungee mechanism
  • ​Dimensions: 15×11.4×17.7 IN | 38*29*45CM
  • ​Maximum Load Capacity: 19.8lbs | 9kg
  • ​There could be a nicer selection of colors

And it’s clearly worked as “The Fat Cat” is their bestselling product, outselling their lesser sized backpacks by a considerable margin.

What we particularly liked was the quality of both the fabric and the stitching used for the seams, guaranteeing that your mini beast isn’t going to be clawing its way out anytime soon.

In addition, you’re also getting the obligatory air holes for maximum airflow and fresh air which are situated at the lower front of the backpack in addition to mesh panels for optimum airflow and breathability.

The space capsule backpack design is a fan favorite and will provide your kitty with an amazing view of the outside world.

Our Thoughts

As you would expect, both the shoulder and chest straps of “The Fat Cat” are fully adjustable, providing you with the ability to find your sweet spot for comfort and support.

As always, this company’s backpacks come with a built-in clip and bungee mechanism, allowing you to utilize a leash to ensure that your cat stays put when using the top flap on the move.

There is no better backpack for cats that are on the heavier side, so make sure that you consider this model if you’re living with a mini mountain lion.

​​Our Verdict – Best Cat Backpack Carrier

  • ​Best Overall – Petsfit Comfort Carrier Backpack
  • Best For Large Cats – “The Fat Cat” Backpack
  • Best With Wheels – Pet Gear IGO-2 Sport Roller Backpack
  • Best With Bubble – Lemonada Cat Bubble Backpack

And the winner is …. ​​the Petsfit Comfort Cat Backpack Carrier. ​With both chest and waist straps, it’s the best suited to serious hiking, with a sturdy bottom giving your cat great support and plenty of ventilation. It’s also smart enough to use around town.

If you’re not looking for a serious hiking pack, the PetGear Roller is a good choice for its flexibility – backpack for cats one day, wheelie carrier the next. And if your cat is big boned, you definitely need The Fat Cat.

By the way, if you want to leave the top of the bag open and use the safety harness attachment, make sure your cat is wearing a proper harness and not a collar to keep them safe. If he makes a jump for it and is left dangling, he’s going to be pretty unhappy even if he’s wearing a harness – but at least he won’t choke.

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