The Best Cat Flea Collars & Flea Treatments

Your cat starts scratching… and scratching… and scratching even more. You have a problem. Your cat has fleas.

There’s no shame in a cat having fleas. Fleas lurk all over the place, mainly in shady places in the garden, and outdoor cats will, from time to time, come back with fleas. Even indoor cats can catch fleas if they get out, or if they visit someone with an outdoors cat, or if a friend brings a dog round and he has fleas – it’s almost impossible to be 100% flea-proofed, and fleas are really opportunistic little critters and will find their way just about anywhere. Some cats are even allergic to fleas and lice, and will scratch themselves till they bleed unless you find some way to protect them.

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You can use a spray-on treatment or medication, but a lot of cats will resist the sprays – they’re terrified. Some cats also have allergies or show reactions to the topical treatments. A flea collar can be an easier way to protect your cat from fleas, as well as other nasty insects such as lice and ticks. A good flea collar will protect both against adult fleas, and against the larvae, so your cat won’t get re-infected.

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Flea collars are usually manufactured in a resin that’s designed to let the insecticide through gradually over a period of time in a controlled way, providing the optimal dose. As the cat’s neck rubs against the collar, it helps to release the chemicals. Usually you’ll see results within a couple of days to a week.

Flea collars may look similar – we were rather disappointed that there don’t appear to be any effective collars that actually look nice as well as doing the job –  but there’s a huge difference between the best and the rest. The worst of them can irritate your cat’s skin and even raise blisters, while remaining ineffective against the fleas they’re meant to kill. Watch out for cheap collars with negative reviews! Also, never try to save money by buying a collar meant for dogs – the canine physiology is quite different, so dog collars may contain chemicals that are not safe for cats, like permethrin. Do also bear in mind that most flea collars are only suitable for kittens over 10 weeks old.

best cat flea collar

Most flea collars offer six to eight months of protection. If you’re going to make an outdoor cat wear one, make sure it has a breakaway or release mechanism so that if it gets caught in a hedge or fence, the cat can break out of it safely.

The 5 Best Cat Flea Collars & Treatments

And so with all that said, here are five of the best ​flea treatment for cats that you can buy.

​​​​1. Bayer Seresto Flea & Tick Collar

Pros & Cons

Bayer Seresto is the granddaddy of all flea collars, the top seller and the brand that’s been going the longest. At $60-70 for one collar, it’s expensive, and as you’d expect at that price, it’s very effective, ridding cats of their fleas within a few days. It contains insecticides imidacloprid and flumethrin which will kill fleas fast, and it’s clean to use and non-greasy. Each collar will last 8 months, and it has a release mechanism, too, though its looks are absolutely the antithesis of glamorous – it’s grey and clunky. Still, you’re not buying it to look good, you’re buying it to kill fleas – and it does that exceptionally well.

  • ​The best in the business
  • ​Tick and flea protection for 8 months
  • ​Will leave no unwanted pest alive
  • ​Quick release breakaway mechanism
  • May produce an allergic reaction in a small number of cats

However, we’re concerned that some user reviews of this product chronicle serious allergic reactions, including hair loss, irritated skin, and excessive scratching. A small percentage of owners say their cats had problems with this collar – so if you do buy this one – keep a close eye on your cat, and remove it at once if there’s any allergic reaction.

Our Thoughts

That said, veterinarians and cat refuges often use this collar as their standard, because it really gets rid of those fleas.

​​​​​​2. Advantage II Cat Flea Treatment

Pros & Cons

​The Advantage II topical flea treatment for cats is widely recognized as one of the best available. Rather than a collar, this product comes in an easy to administer sachet which is designed to be applied directly to your cat’s fur.

  • ​Effective against just about every flea or tick imaginable
  • ​Simple to apply
  • ​Waterproof and doesn’t require reapplication after getting wet
  • Suitable for all cats over 8 weeks old
  • ​Needs to be applied once a month for ongoing protection

​Bayer’s Advantage II not only kills the ticks, fleas and larvae that have infected your cat but will also prevent further infestations from developing.

Our Thoughts

​​Simply apply the product behind your cat’s head to the neck area where it will then protect their entire body. Furthermore, this method of application prevents the removal of this product by your cat, ensuring a long-lasting and effective form of treatment against fleas and other pests.

​​​​​3. Hartz Ultra Guard Plus Collar

Pros & Cons

The Hartz Ultra Guard flea and tick collar protects cats against fleas, ticks, lice, mosquitoes and a number of other insects. It’s non-toxic – except to fleas, of course! – and offers seven months’ protection, which is a little on the short side compared to some other collars. It comes in just one size and is available in a fetching grey color.

  • ​Works on a variety of pests
  • ​Non-toxic
  • ​Great value for money
  • ​100% satisfaction guarantee
  • ​Only for cats and kittens older than 12 weeks old

The user reviews are ​good; this collar often seems to work where other products have failed. It’s super effective against ticks – which are potentially much more damaging to your cat’s health than fleas, and can be harder to kill. It’s also non-greasy and has no bad smell.

Our Thoughts

​A very cheap flea collar that offers 7 months flea and tick protection and is also water resistant in addition to featuring a break-away mechanism.

​​​​​4. Vet’s Best Flea & Tick Home Spray For Cats

Pros & Cons

​​Vet’s Best is a leading manufacturer of effective flea treatments for household pets. Their flea & tick home spray is adept at protecting your cat from unwanted infestations in addition to actively killing the pests that may have inhabited your home.

  • ​Very cost-effective
  • ​Works on a variety of surfaces
  • ​Does not leave stains
  • ​Long lasting and effective for weeks
  • ​Your cat may not like being sprayed

​What we love about this product is that it can be used in conjunction with a variety of other cat flea treatments such as flea collars as well as topical forms of treatment. Simply use as necessary to ensure that your cat and your home are protected.

Our Thoughts

​We love this product and so do its users. If you have a cat, we would consider this a ‘must-have’ product to ensure that your cat can lead a happy and flea-free life.

​​​​​5. HARKY Flea & Tick Collar

Pros & Cons

The HARKY flea collar is a fully adjustable one-size collar that protects against fleas, ticks, and lice for a full eight months. It’s waterproof and has a release mechanism (though that isn’t apparent on the photographs of the product), and at around $20 it’s one of the ​most cost-effective flea collars you can find on Amazon. It also comes in quite an attractive grey, one of the two better-looking collars we found.

  • ​New on the market but highly effective
  • ​Eight months of protection
  • ​Waterproof
  • ​Adjustable
  • ​Customer feedback is limited but we felt it worked well

​While not a particularly well-known brand, this flea collar performed well during our tests and has also now accumulated a considerable number of positive customer reviews. It’s a winner in our eyes.

Our Thoughts

​A possible downside is the collar won’t remain water-resistant if your cat goes swimming more than once a month. We think that probably won’t be a problem for very many cat owners!

​​Our Verdict

And the winner is …. ​the Bayer Seresto Cat Collar. ​Although the most expensive product we reviewed, it is still the best cat collar for the majority of cats and is backed by several industry professionals. If you would rather save a little money, the ​Hartz Ultra Guard Plus ​collar makes a great cost-effective alternative.

We also recommend trying the other cat flea treatments that we have reviewed to ensure that your cat is protected as well as it can be. Advantage II and Vet’s Best are your best options.

Make sure any collar is reasonably snug on your cat – it won’t do her any good if she’s able to chew on it. If you can get a couple of fingers under it, but no more, it’s probably about right. And snip any protruding ends off once the collar’s been attached.

As well as giving your cat a flea collar, you should also look around the house for any places that fleas might have made a home – particularly in soft furnishings or in the cracks of wooden floors and skirting boards. Give your home a quick blast of insecticide – making sure the cats aren’t in the same room you’re treating – to stop the fleas hiding out there once the flea collar has got them off your cat. And give the whole place a vacuuming, making sure you tip the cleaner bag out down the bottom of the garden or somewhere else outdoors so the fleas don’t jump out and come back again.

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