Best Cat Toys for Older Cats

Every cat owner knows how incredibly playful kittens are. From bounding across the house at odd times of the day to jumping around the furniture, kittens have it covered. Their playfulness is part of their charm and none of us would have it any other way.

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However, as cats grow older there is a significant drop in the amount of playtime they engage in, although they do find ways to keep all the attention on their gorgeous selves.

While it appears that older cats are not interested in remaining active, the reality can be different. Older cats can be wonderfully playful; the key is to find the best cat toys for older cats to keep them entertained.

Determining and finding the right toys for your older cats can be slightly more difficult than finding things for kittens but it is worth the effort when you see your older buddy bouncing around in all of their feline gorgeousness.

Cat Toys for Older Cats

The 4 Best Cat Toys for Older Cats

Following are some of the recommendations for the best cat toys for older cats which we have compiled to help you buy the right gift for your older cat.

1. Tree Tower with Scratching Post

One of the universal truths we all know is that cats love climbing and this love for climbing stays with them even as they grow older. However, it becomes slightly difficult for older cats to jump around as easily as they used to when they were younger.

One the best Tree Towers that we found for older cats was the AmazonBasics Cat Condo Tree Tower with Hammock Bed and Scratching Post. The tower is a suitable cat toy for your feline because it is not tall enough to give them trouble in their attempts to reach the top portion.

It also comes with a nice warm hammock at the top where they can perform their favorite activity, taking a nap! The cats will certainly love perching themselves on top as they look down on the rest of the household fussing around.

Last but not the least, the bottom part of the Tree is a scratching post where your older cats can sharpen their claws. This will keep them engaged and help keep your furniture intact. Definitely a double win there!

2. Cat Tunnel

Another toy which cats can’t get enough of, irrespective of their age, is the tunnel. The internet is full of videos upon videos of cats being their regular funny selves as they go about exploring the circular depths of the tunnels while simultaneously playing pranks on other pets.

Tunnels can usually take up too much space which becomes understandably inconvenient for most people, however, the Kitty City Large Cat Tunnel Bed, Cat Bed, Pop Up bed, Cat Toys at Amazon is just the right size.

Not only is it compact, it is also collapsible which makes it portable and easy to carry around in case you decide to travel with your furry little friend. What makes it one of the best cat toys for older cats, however, is that it also comes with a plush cushion style bed at the centre for the cats to relax in once they get tired of playing around.

It is purrtastic and just the right balance of nap and play your older cats need.

3. Stairs Ramp

One of the struggles of finding the right cat toys for older cats is to find something that encourages them to be active while also makes it a little easier on them to move about. Since most of the cat toys purchased for younger cats don’t fit this category, the older cats are less and less inclined to engage with them.

While striking the right balance for this may be a little difficult Aeromark International Armarkat Pet Steps Stairs Ramp for Cats and Dogs can potentially be the one gift that would make your cat move so you can finally start implementing that activity plan the vet suggested.

Since it is a stair style ramp made of soft and cozy material, it is more likely to keep them interested in using it than a simple mechanism which just required walking. As always, your older cat will enjoy treating the top stair as their personal throne.

If you have another pet, you are likely signing yourself up for some hilarious entertainment (and potentially YouTube or TikTok worthy videos) if you decide to purchase the ramp. The internet is full of funny videos of cats pranking each other by mounting on different steps of the ramp!

An additional selling point of this particular manufacturer is that they have mentioned that replacement parts of the ramp can be found with them if needed since the product is built to be long lasting.

4. Concealed Motion Toy

Cats are natural born predators and their instinct does not disappear even as they grow older. Therefore, a good idea for cat toys for older cats is to incorporate this instinct in the product design to encourage the cats to be active.

One of the cat toys that we found which delivers this particular need in their product is SmartyKat Hot Pursuit Cat Toy Concealed Motion Toy.  The toy is practically built to trigger the cat’s need to chase down the target.

A little teaser, with moving lights to draw attention, is attached to the outer side of the circular fabric and spins once the toy is turned on. This draws the attention of the cats who try to chase it down and, hence, makes them active.

In case your older cat seems overwhelmed by the speed, the toy allows you to change it up to adjust to the need of your feline friend.

Our Final Thoughts

Your feline friends will have specialized needs as they grow older. Hence, in your search for the best toys for older cats, look for toys which factor in the behavioral change in their product design. Buy cat toys which encourage activity without being overwhelming and you’ll have a happy older feline in the house!

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