Best Cats for Apartments

If you live in an apartment and are currently looking for cats that adjust to the indoors environment nicely, you’ve come to the right place!

One of the first things you should know about cats is that not all of them possess a similar temperament. That’s why it is essential to explicitly research the best cats for apartments before you make the final decision of choosing your feline companion. Living in an apartment means your cat wouldn’t have the liberty to go out and about any time it wants without a backyard. Straying outside where you can’t keep an eye on your pet will only make you and your furry partner’s life more miserable and challenging.

You can’t also blame cats who crave outdoor time because it is instilled in their nature to roam freely without restriction. However, that doesn’t mean you have to smash your dreams of having a cute cat that follows you around and stays happy living with you indoors. Several cats prefer the indoors environment over the outdoors. You just need to do a bit of research, and you can successfully become a proud parent of a cat who loves it with you in your apartment.

Best Cats for Apartments

How to Keep a Cat Happy in an Apartment

However, you still need to provide activities to your apartment cat for its mental and physical stimulation. The smaller your living space, the better it is to incorporate some environmental enrichment ideas to your place, so your kitten has the best living conditions. Here’re a few things to consider for perking up your apartment for your furry pet:

1. Climb, Perch, and Scratch

Even the best-of-the-best cats for apartments love to have a space of their own where they climb and perch. Installing a cat shelf or a cat tree will satisfy your kitten’s cravings to stretch and let go from time-to-time. In addition, it would be best to equip your apartment with a scratching post, so you can spare your furniture from becoming the target of your pet’s sharp paws.

2. Cat Toys

Providing play toys to your apartment cats is also a necessity, as they need distractions that keep them from boredom. Both interactive and solo playing toys are essential to stimulate your cat’s mental and physical interests.

3. Hunting Instinct

Cats are hunters by nature. To expend their physical and mental energy capably, you can recreate their hunting experiences by breaking down their food into smaller portions and scattering them around your apartment. You can also invest in food puzzle toys to enhance their fun.

4. A View of the Outside World

Even when your cat prefers to lie down in your apartment instead of going out, they still appreciate a view of the outside world. For this, you can integrate a soft cushion onto the window sill in your apartment, so your cat can enjoy time in your apartment even more so than before.

The 5 Best Cats for Apartments

Coming to the main topic at hand, here are the best cats for apartments that will make excellent furry companions in the indoor set-up:

1. Persian

The Persian cats are a wildly popular breed among cat-lovers, and we can’t disagree with people’s choice on this one. These fluffy white cats are one of the best matches for apartment life as they’re gentle by nature and prefer to plop down on the next available soft surface instead of wanting to go out. Moreover, while they love their favorite humans’ company, Persians don’t mind spending time by themselves without making a mess of your home.

2. Ragdoll

If you’re looking for the ultimate lap cat, then ragdolls might be the right answer for you. Their name accurately suggests that these fur babies love to relax and go limp in your arms for as long as you want to hold them. These cats usually have a low energy level, which makes them highly adaptable to happily living in apartments. While the Ragdolls are somewhat playful, we can safely say their most favorite activity is to follow their humans around the house.

3. British Shorthair

The British Shorthair prefers to lounge around in your apartment rather than racing around outdoors. These cats are known for their quieter side, and they don’t demand a lot of space to live as well. Give them a dedicated corner, and they’ll be more than happy to spend the rest of their lives with you. However, it’s a good idea to provide them with several interactive and solo toys to keep from boredom.

4. Russian Blue

If you’re not up for a clingy cat that needs constant attention, then going for the Russian Blues will be your best bet. These gorgeous cats are known for their quiet observation skills and worry-free temperament. The best quality of Russian Blues is that they are less prone to allergies as their bluish fur produces fewer proteins. Mostly, they like to play with toys and calmly follow their owners around the house. However, most Russian Blue owners have pointed out on more than one occasion that while their pets love to hang out with them, they are mostly standoffish with strangers.

5. Maine Coon

Maine Coons might be one of the biggest cats, but you shouldn’t let their size deceive their real nature. These cats are one of the best family pets who love to cuddle and stick with their humans. Grooming is a must with their peculiar coats, but it pays off! The interesting thing about Main Coons is that despite their large size, they prefer living in small places. This quality might be due to their cuddly nature, but whatever the reason might be, this makes them an excellent cat for apartment owners.

Our Final Thoughts

Regardless of its breed, you should make sure to train your pet as early as possible. An unruly cat might look cute in the early months, but with time, their unhealthy behavior would cost you more than you realize. We hope this list of best cats for apartments would help you choose the friendly furball that you’ve always longed for!

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