Best Home Carpet for Cat Owners

Choosing the right home carpet as a cat owner can be quite the struggle. As adorable as they are, cats can be a handful when it comes to carpets and furniture. Therefore, it is important that the chosen carpet checks off a number of criteria to ensure it is the right one for your feline friend.

Following is a short guide to help you in your mission of choosing the best home carpet for cat owners.

Choosing the Best Home Carpet for Cat Owners

The first and most important part of finding a carpet as a cat owner is choosing the right material. Cats are notorious for scratching away at furniture and carpets so it is best to go for options which can withstand their behavior and are generally durable.

Best types of home carpet for cat owners

Materials to Choose (and Not Choose)

1. Nylon

Nylon is an ideal material choice for cat owners due to their impressive durability. They are easier to clean compared to other materials and are resistant to odor retention. It is also stain resistant which is useful given the kind of trouble cats can get into around the house. We personally love the design and aesthetic Mohawk Home Aqua Blue Rug so do check it out.

2. Polyester

Another material option for good home carpets for cat owners is polyester. This material is stain resistant and generally durable. The one con of using this material is its faster deterioration especially in the case of a feline practicing her claw art at it. A recommendation is the thick area rug from Safavieh Milan Shag Collection.

Materials to Avoid

1. Wool

Although woolen carpets are stain resistant, luxurious and make for good additions to the home, they are not the best options for pet owners. Wool tends to attract insects and since pets are likely to be the ideal host for parasitic insects, it is better to avoid choosing wool. They are also somewhat expensive so it is easier on the pocket to simply choose Nylon.

Choosing the Right Carpet Pile Height for Cats

Pile height refers to the height of the carpet fiber. For a simple example, the fluffier the carpet, the greater the pile height is. For cat owners, it is preferable to buy carpets which have higher pile height fibers. The main reason is that cats like to scratch away on the carpet and for the carpets with smaller pile height fabrics, the damage becomes easily visible.

1. Saxony

A cut pile carpet, Saxony is the perfect choice for a pet owner because it has the right pile height and is good for hiding stains and scratch marks.

2. Frieze

Frieze is generally just as good at hiding stains and damage as Saxony, but has a more wiry appearance which makes it less smooth in comparison.

Choosing the Right Carpet Color for Indoor Cats

As beautiful as they are, cats shed… a lot. This constant shedding is extremely messy which is particularly true for cats with longer fur. Unfortunately carpets are the place where the shedding is most apparent.

To avoid having the carpet look like the shedding ground of the ‘Fur Monster’, buy it in the color which matches the color of your cat. It won’t stop the shedding but at least no one would be able to tell where the carpet ends and the fur begins!

No Carpets with Harmful Chemicals

When choosing the right home carpet for cat owners, take care to do a lit research to ensure it was not made of VOCs, chemicals that can be harmful for your pets. VOCs are likely to cause irritation to your pet’s eyes, throat and nose. In more severe cases, the damage can also be neurological.

Some Additional Tips

Now that you have the carpet selection all sorted, you have to consider the steps you can take to maintain its hygiene and cleanliness. Carpets are generally notorious for absorbing all the dust and dirt around them and becoming the breeding grounds for germs. To make sure that does not happen to your carpet, follow these few additional steps listed below:

1. Vacuum Regularly

This rule is Carpet Cleaning 101. Because dust is likely to end up sticking to the carpet fibers, they need to be vacuumed regularly to ensure they remain clean. An unclean carpet isn’t just disgusting, it can also be dangerous for your pets (or toddlers if you have any) because they have a habit of rolling around playing on it.

2. Remove Stains

Although Nylon and Polyester carpets are generally stain resistant, they will end up with some stains overtime. The best way to deal with a stain is to clean it soon after it appears. The longer the stain is left untouched, the more difficult it would be to get rid of it.

So pick up that carpet stain remover and get cleaning.

3. Wash it Periodically

Even though you are regularly vacuuming the carpet to keep it clean, you will need to wash it every now and then to keep it safe and hygienic for all members of the household. When buying the carpet, try to get one which is machine washable to make your life easy. If you are not buying a machine washable carpet, you will need to get it professionally washed.

Our Final Thoughts

In short, when looking for the best home carpet for cat owners, go for the option your cat will have a difficult time destroying. Go for the options which are not just lovely but also durable and stain resistant. Make sure you are not buying the looped or short pile height carpets which will start looking years old after your cat’s 3rd or 4th scratching session on it.

Match its color to your cat’s coat. Aside from helping your home look tidier, it would also make for a cool game of ‘Find the kitty’. Fun times! Most importantly, keep the carpet vacuumed, washed and clean to ensure it is safe for your purry partner.

Now that you have your home carpet sorted, check out our other recommendations for cat owners.

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