Best Litter Boxes for Ragdoll Cats

Ragdoll cats are cute and fluffy breed of cats best known for their docile and placid nature. This fun-loving feline is compassionate and energetic. However, female ragdoll cats are known to be shy. So when it comes to taking a leek, this cat wants its privacy. Many ragdoll car owners don’t know that their cat is shy. This causes bowel problems for ragdoll cats, and they stop eating.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

The best litter box for Ragdoll cats depends on your cat’s nature. If your ragdoll cat is shy, you need the best round litter boxes for ragdoll cats with high walls. Otherwise, there is no specific litter box for ragdolls. You only need to look for the best litter box for ragdoll cats that makes them feel comfortable.

The 5 Best Litter Boxes for Ragdoll Cats

Here is our top pick of the best litter boxes for ragdoll cats. These are different shapes and sizes. However, the ideal litter box for ragdoll cats will depend on your cat’s weight. If your feline friend is between 15-20 pounds, you probably need a big litter box.

1. Litter Genie Cat Litter Box

The Litter Genie is a full-size litter box for ragdoll cats that protects their privacy. Its high plastic walls work as a shelter, while its large size is perfect for ragdoll cats. It’s the best round litter box for ragdoll cats and perfect for high spraying males. Cleaning this litter box is not an issue because its high walls have two openings on each side.

best litter box for ragdoll cats

These opening serve as room to scoop out dirt and add new. While your ragdoll cat enjoys its privacy in a well-built litter box, you won’t see any bowel problems in your cat anymore.

Key Features

  • Made from high-quality plastic, which is sturdy and easy to carry.
  • The build quality is strong, and its handles are fully integrated, which means they won’t fall.
  • High walls on all sides that give your ragdoll cat its private space.
  • Comes in cute paw prints that will go well with your cat’s other accessories.

2. Petmate Booda Dome Clean Step Cat Litter Box (3 Colors)

Petmate Booda Dome Clean is the best litter box for ragdoll cats. For shy female ragdoll cats who don’t like others watching them pinching a loaf. The Petmate Booda Dome is a fully covered litter box that looks like something from the future.

It’s completely symmetric circular structure look perfect in the corner and keeps your house clean. The groove steps designed before your cat can enter the dome knocks off the dirt from your cat’s feet. Many cat owners are troubled with their cats carrying litter box dirt everywhere with their feet. Petmate Booda is the perfect solution to this problem.

Key Features

  • It’s made from plastic that is strong and lightweight at the same time.
  • The Petmate Booda Comes in 3 different colors allowing you to choose the one that matches your furniture.
  • Its dome-like structure provides privacy to your cat and keeps the smell from spreading across the house.
  • The groove steps clean your cat’s feet when it leaves the dome.
  • The product has a charcoal filter that absorbs the unpleasant odor and keeps it from leaking out of the dome.

3. iPrimio Ultimate Stainless Steel Cat XL Litter Box

The marvelous litter box for ragdoll cats takes the game to a whole new level. While all other litter boxes were made from lightweight plastic, this one comes in steel. The sides of this litter box are covered for privacy, while the lower pan is made from steel.

The steel is made from the best quality and doesn’t absorb any odor. This means that you don’t have to rinse the entire litter box every week. What makes IPrimio Ultimate the best litter box for ragdoll cats is that its scratch and rust-free. So you can rest assured that your cat can’t damage the litter box beyond repair.

Key Features

  • It’s large enough for most cat breeds
  • The stainless steel is highly durable and scratch-resistant.
  • It does not absorb odor.
  • IPrimio is lightweight and easy to carry.

4. Petphabet Covered Litter Box, Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Box

The Petphabet Covered Litter Box is the best litter box for cat owners with multiple ragdoll cats. Since this breed of cat is shy, it values its privacy; however, two female kittens don’t mind using the litter box simultaneously.

With the Petphabet Covered Litter box, you can save up on an extra litter box. Moreover, this wonder litter box comes in cute colors and premium quality. The upper level of the litter box is covered with a transparent lid. The transparent lid makes Petphabet the best litter box for ragdoll cats because it kills two birds with one stone. You can easily keep an eye on your cat while it enjoys its comfortable privacy.

Key Features

  • Transparent lid that covered the entire litter box
  • It prevents the odor from escaping outside the litter box.
  • Made from premium plastic that is sturdy and easy to carry
  • Easy-to-clean durable antimicrobial non-stick plastic

5. PetSafe Scoop Free Ultra Automatic Self Cleaning Hooded Cat Litter Box

If you are looking for a litter box that will rid you from cleaning duties, then PetSafe has something in store for you. The Scoop Free Ultra Automatic Self Cleaning cat box uses dust-free crystal litter, which keeps your litter box and your house clean.

It comes in multiple colors, and its size is enough for most cat breeds. Your ragdoll cat will love it because it also has a hood for privacy.

Key Features

  • Self-Cleaning
  • It comes with disposable trays that make your job easy
  • It has a transparent hood for privacy

Our Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve seen our favorite picks for the best litter boxes for Ragdoll cats, you can make a more informed purchase decision. Any of these litter boxes will work out well for you, as they’re all high-quality products.

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