Best Pill Guns for Cats

Have you been having a hard time giving your cats their daily dosage of medicines? Continue reading to discover the best pill guns for cats and how they are a helpful in giving your cats their medicine.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

Cats can literally drive you mad when it comes to giving them their prescribed medicines. They can sense the smell of pills and tablets from yards away. Even if you add the pills to their food, these clever little creatures can detect its presence through the changed taste of their food and will leave it untouched.

We understand that as concerned parents of your adorable fluffballs, you are getting impatient about their resistance to medications. In order to relieve you of that anxiety, we have discovered a product that will help you shoot pills right down your kitty’s throat.

What Are Pill Guns?

Pill guns, pill poppers or pill syringes allow you to give your cats their prescribed daily dosage of pills and tablets. These long handy syringes help in shooting pills down your cat’s throat with pressure.

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The tablets or pills are placed inside the syringes. You can open your cat’s mouth and put the soft narrow end of the syringe inside. As you hold your cat’s head up, gently push the plunger with your thumb. This will shoot the pill right down your cat’s throat, without your kitty getting any taste of their bitter medicine.

The 5 Best Pill Guns for Cats

Now that you know what a pill gun is and how you can use it to give your cats their medicine, check our list of best pill guns for cats and purchase the one that best suits your needs.

1. Whasin Pet Medicine Syringe for Cats

With a perfect rating, this professional pill popper for cats comes with 2 reusable silicone tips and is perfect for small cats and kittens.

Whasin’s Pet Medicine Syringe for Cats is an easy option to give your cats their medicine. Made from safe and reusable materials, this pill dispenser is manufactured with 100% food grade material to ensure your pet’s safety. Its green colored silicon tip is safe to be kept in your cat’s mouth.

This pill popper can be used for both solid pills and tablets as well as liquid medicines like cough syrups to help your cat get well soon.

The two holes at the back end of the syringe make it easy for you to hold it as you push the plunger with your thumb.

This product’s premium offer includes lifetime warranty and friendly customer service. In case you do not find the product to be satisfactory, you can call the manufacturers for the product to be replaced or your money to be refunded.

Whasin’s Pet Medicine Syringe is ideal for all kinds of medicines (solid and liquid) and even for feeding your kittens semi-solid food and milk.

2. Kruuse Buster Pet Pill/Tablet Syringe

Kruuse Buster Pet Pill/Tablet Syringe comes with a soft tip made from silicon to reduce chances of injury while pushing it down your cat’s throat.

Its finger rings allow you to grip the syringe firmly. The syringe can be filled with water and you can shoot down the pill down your cat’s throat with water pressure in case your cat finds it hard to swallow the pill dry.

The syringe’s outer body is transparent and the inner barrel is green in color. Made from 100% safe plastic, this is a lightweight and easy to use product.

Its narrow body and tip are designed to hold even the small tables and pills firmly.

This product can be used 10-15 times for administration of pills. After that it should be discarded.

KRUUSE – BUSTER Tablet Introducer makes it easier and faster for you to give your cat its pills and tablets. It’s Amazon’s official pick in the category of best pill guns for cats.

3. BUSTER Tablet Introducer for Cats

Buster Tablet Introducer for cats comes in a box of 10 syringes. This plastic syringe is light weight and has finger bars that allow you to hold the barrel with ease. Its tablet holder and smooth piston plunger make it easy for you to administer tablets to your cats.

The Buster pill introducer can be used 10-15 times, after which it must be discarded. To clean the introducer after every use, rinse it gently with tepid water and do not use any soap or detergents to disinfect it. It should not be washed in hot or boiling water.

Buster Tablet Introducer is perfect for cats that are fussy about taking their medicines.

4. Pet Pill Gun-Handy Tablets Dispenser for Cats

This is cylindrical shaped pill gun that holds and shoots down tablets, capsules and pills down your feline’s throat. The easy to push plunger and its long barrel ensures that your hand and fingers are far away from the reach of your cat’s sharp teeth.

Pet Pill Gun- Handy Tablet Dispenser is made from safe, durable and environmentally friendly materials. Its soft rubber tip makes it easy for you to push it in your cat’s mouth.

After every use, the tablet dispenser can be rinse with water and air dried. You can pull out the plunger and was it separately.

This affordable pill gun comes as a set of 2. Designed especially to orally administer medication to your cats, this pill gun plunger can also be used for feeding your cats semi solid food.

5. Butler Sales Bullseye Pill Gun

Butler Sales Bullseye Pills Gun is convenient for dispensing medication for cats. Designed with safe and durable materials, this pill gun is perfect for multiple use.

Its unique patented design makes it easier for you to administer multiple pills and tablets at one time. Easy to hold, this pill gun shoots pill down effectively right into your cat’s throat, giving it no time react or taste the pill.

If you are looking for a hassle-free method to give your cat her daily medication, then Butler Sale’s Bullseye Pill Gun is an excellent option.

Our Final Thoughts

We hope you will find our list of best pill guns for cats to be an informative read and will rush to your nearest store or instantly place an order online to make your cat’s medicine administration a struggle-free experience.

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