Best Rugs for Cats

You might be thinking you have to sacrifice your love of decorative rugs for the love of your kitten, but it turns out you don’t have to make a this-or-that choice. You can have a stylish, exquisite rug that’s also pet-friendly if you know just what to look for!

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

By choosing the right materials that are durable and easy to clean, you can keep the rug looking brand-new without putting in too much effort. Moreover, it is best to get a low-pile rug so that your furry companion doesn’t damage it with its claws or teeth. Lastly, it shouldn’t be something that breaks your bank since cats can do an unthinkable amount of damage even when you think it’s safe for them to roam around the rug.

The 5 Best Rugs for Cats

In this article, we’ll be discussing the five best rugs for cats that you can buy without a second thought for your house. All five of these choices are entirely different from each other, so you can navigate all kinds of pet-friendly rugs, deciding on one both you and your cat can agree on. However, before we get into that, let’s go over which rugs you should absolutely avoid when you’re shopping for your feline partner:

1- Shag Rugs

Although we all love shag rugs, it would be a better decision to forego them because the thick and fluffy texture of these rugs makes it convenient for your pets to chew on and scratch. Not only that, but a lot of stuff can get lodged into the stringy fabric, which makes it harder to clean it afterward.

2- High-Pile Rugs

Just like shag rugs, high-pile rugs are not the best option when it comes to cat rugs. Because of the loose loops and longer fibers, the fabric gets piled with your furry pal’s hair and other dirt easily. You can only imagine how hard it is to clean this type of rug if you have been fortunate enough not to make the mistake of buying a soft, high-pile rug for your pet.

Best Rugs for Cats

3- Vintage Rugs

Vintage rugs are way more delicate than a regular rug, and they require special cleaning every other week if you don’t want them to lose their worth. While they could be an excellent addition for interior designing, vintage finds are not the way to go while buying a pet rug.

4- Tassels and Fringes

Any rug that has tassels or fringes in the making should be avoided at all costs, no matter how pretty it might make the carpet look. These frilly exteriors make for an irresistible toy for your cats, which will end up badly for that rug in the long run.

Now, coming to the main topic at hand, here are our recommendations for the best rugs for cats that are the most high-rated items on Amazon, making the customer’s ultimate choices:

1. Mohawk Home Rainbow Synthetic Rug

This Mohawk Home Synthetic Rug is an aesthetic delight and an excellent choice made from wear-dated nylon, keeping your pet’s comfort and safety the top priority. Whether you order this for keeping it in your living room or bedroom, it will perfectly balance the area with its luxurious stripe pattern and rainbow outlook. Moreover, the material is durable, low-pile, can’t be chewed on, and easy to clean, making it an ideal choice for your pet. Another excellent thing about this rug is that it is stain resistant, which means you wouldn’t have to worry about cleaning it every week.

 2. NuLOOM Hand-Tufted Wool Runner

Wool isn’t just a winter season stock, but it also makes a surprisingly pet-friendly rug material for your cats. The wool fibers used in the NuLOOM Hand-Tufted Wool Runner are highly flexible, and they don’t lose their shape if they get wet. As this material naturally resists stain, you can easily vacuum the dirt from the rug without putting an excessive amount of effort. Like all other synthetic materials, wool is not a stringy fabric that tempts your fur babies to tear at it. Plus, this wool rug’s radiant geometric design is enough to spruce up a place while functioning as your pet’s territory.

3. Brumlow Mills Sunflower Braid Machine-Washable Rug

Washable rugs are a no-brainer as they are the best rugs for cats who love making a mess. The Brumlow Mills Sunflower Braid Rug is treated with Scotchgard for stain resistance and antimicrobial properties. And the polypropylene machine-washable material makes it easier to upkeep the rug’s appearance for a long time. Lastly, the designs used in this rug are based on sunflower patterns, making it an excellent choice if you love having floral rugs in your home.

4. NuLOOMEleonora Hand-Woven Accent Jute Rug

This NuLOOM Hand-Woven Jute Rug comprises 100% natural dried plant fiber that depicts a perfect coastal-cool look. Its soft texture makes it incredibly comfortable for your cats to enjoy their quality time without getting sensitive to the carpet’s material. Furthermore, this material only requires time-to-time vacuuming to keep it fur-free and clean from dirt. The available six different palettes also make it easier to choose a rug that matches your room’s theme, offering a classy outlook.

5. Decomall Azure Braided Oval Rug

Purchasing a rug made for indoor-outdoor use can be a smart move for cat-owners looking for rugs that can take a beating. This Decomall Azure Braided Rug is a stylish accessory that works well whether you want to dress up your patio or living room. As it is made of low-pile, synthetic polypropylene fibers, the rugs can be easily cleaned by timely vacuuming. The oval design and sober colors also add a touch of class to the overall design.

Our Final Thoughts

Keeping these tips and recommendations in mind, you can get the best rugs for cats without compromising the design factor. There’re a lot of products out there that are pet-friendly. So, as long as you stick to the right materials as defined in this article, finding the right rug for your pet wouldn’t be a substantial problem.

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