Best Sedatives for Cats

Domestic pet cats can be a lot harder to manage and control when under stress. Cats find big and sudden changes like house moving, travelling or vet visits stressful. They react to these overwhelming situations by becoming aggressive, causing harm to themselves, their owners and even veterinary staff.

To calm them down, vets suggest using sedatives that can help reduce their anxiety. These sedatives work as relaxants and can help the cats fall into a deep sleep.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

You will be surprised to know that stress relieving products for cats come in all shapes, sizes and forms. That’s right. Now you don’t have to worry about taking your cat to a vet and get them injected with sedatives in order to lull them to sleep. They understand that at that point, just getting your vicious feline to veterinary clinic would be like signing your own death warrant.

So, to first relieve YOU from that anxiety, cat sedatives are now available in the form of collars, sprays, capsules, drops, chews and even diffusers, ensuring that minimum cat-human contact takes place.

The 5 Best Sedatives for Cats

Some of the best sedatives for cats, as recommended by cat owners at vets alike are:

1. Fedciory Cat Calming Collar

This adjustable, collar provides instant stress and anxiety relief to your cats. Its soothing long -lasting effect provides natural calm and comfort to your scared, anxious and hyperactive kitties.

best sedatives for cats

The calming effect of the collar releases pheromones to last up to 30 days. Coated with essential oils and made with hypoallergenic substances, this collar works wonders in relieving your cat’s tension and stress.

It is safe for long term use and can help calm your cat’s nerves when scared because of loud noises, thunderstorms, separation anxieties, emotional distress (during pregnancy and child labor), travelling and vet visitations.

Within an hour of its use, cats stop behaving aggressively and you can be safe from their unwanted scratches and bites.

It comes with an adjustable length of 15 inches to fit cats of all sizes.

Fedciory Cat Calming Collars are non-addictive, and do not contain any harmful chemicals. So, to easy your cat’s fear and anxiety, purchase Fedciory Cat Calming Collar now from Amazon.

2. Ceva Feliway Cat Diffuser

Ceva Feliway Cat Diffuser is an easy to use cat relaxant that comes with a replacement liquid and can be plugged-in for use. It is ideal for use in multihousehold cats that are displaying aggressive behavior and you cannot stop the constant catfights.

When cats become scared or stressed, they start to behave destructively. Vicious scratching and biting of furniture, carpets, and humans are all signs that your cat is under stress. They will annoy you further by peeing outside the litter box and hissing wildly if you try to show them where their litter tray is.

To save you from your cat’s destructive behavior, Ceva Feliway Cat diffuser is recommended by vets. It is a drug free and clinically proven product to relieve your cat’s anxiety. Pheromones in this product will send your cat ‘happy messages’ to sooth its nerves and help it feel reassured.

This product comes with a replacement bottle that can be attached to the plug-in device. To see best results, use this product daily in a room where your cats mostly stay. Each diffuser has a range of 700 sq. feet and can last for up to 30 days.

3. CEVA Feliway Spray, for Cats

CEVA Feliway Spray for Cats is another product by the same manufacturers that is designed to calm your erratically behaving cat immediately. It is an odorless and colourless solution that is safe for both humans and cats.

Every bottle can give 50 sprays and within 7 days of use, you will be able to see changes in your cat’s wild behavior.

It is perfect for cats that are constantly hissing, scratching, biting and urinating around the house.

This drug-free solution is effective on 90% cats and contains pheromones to sooth your cat’s calm nerves, making it relax and happy.

Vets not only recommend using CEVA Feliway Spray but also consider it to be one of the best sedatives for cats.

4. Toullifly Calming Spray for Cats

Toullifly Calming Spray for Cats reduces anxiety in cats that result from loud noises, travelling and vet visits. Its special stress relief formula contains, chamomile, aloe vera and lavender to help sooth your cat and make it feel calm and refreshed.

This easy-to-use spray keeps your cat’s destructive behavior in check and helps them stay tension free. Made with essential oils and natural aloe vera and lavender extracts, this spray can last up to 2 months and instantly calms cats of all sizes and ages.

So, if your cat has been behaving extra strange lately and is on a destructive spree of scratching and biting you, your furniture and houseware, then it is time to try Toullifly Calming Spray and relieve your cat of its fears.

5. Richard’s Organics 100% Natural Anti-Stress Drops for Cats

Richard’s Organics 100% Natural Anti-Stress Drops for Cats naturally relieves stress and anxiety in cats. Its 100% natural, drug-free formula calms nerves and reduces hyperactivity.

This gentle and harm-free formula contains valerian root extract, chamomile, skullcap extract and passion flower extract to relieve stress and anxiety in your cat and ensure that it gets a good night’s sleep.

These drops are available in 2 and 4oz bottles and can be either be given directly to your cat or mixed with its food and milk. You cat is sure to love its taste. Within no time you will see you cat in happy mood, purring gently on your lap.

This is a light and safe medicinal formula that will not make your cat feel drowsy or lethargic. Its effects last up to 4-6 hours.

To see your once gentle kitty become soft, playful and happy again, use Richard’s Organics 100% Natural Anti-Stress Drops for Cats as it sure is one of the best sedatives for cats.

Our Final Thoughts

Although, a large variety of over the counter cat sedatives are available at pharmacies and pet stores, we recommend that you always seek professional advice from your vet first and then administer these sedatives. This is because most over the counter sedatives are not effective in calming your cat’s nerves and in worst case scenarios can cause more harm than good to your cat’s health.

However, our well-researched and vet recommended list of best sedatives for cats will surely keep you and your cat stress free.

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