Best Slow Feeders For Cats

Cats are not the best eaters. They barely chew their food and chow down as fast as possible. All cat parents have experienced this and know what happens when our cats eat too fast.


Regurgitation, or ‘scarf and barf’, is when our cats eat too fast and end up rejecting the food altogether. This is especially common with dry cat foods, cats don’t do this consciously, it is an involuntary reflex.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

When cats gulp down too quickly, the food goes down the esophagus, absorbs water and swells up. This makes their brain think that they have overeaten and must let go of some food, at this point the brain triggers the regurgitation reflex and we end up cleaning the mess.

There are many reasons for cats to eat slowly. These include but are not limited to:

  • Regurgitation
  • Bloating
  • Choking
  • Intestinal discomfort
  • Overeating

So what can cat parents do to slow down their cat’s eating?

Get a slow feeder of course!

Cat digestion solutions

The 4 Best Slow Feeders for Cats

Slow feeders are awesome! They make mealtime for cats interactive and playful, help your cat feel energized and satiated without overeating and promote healthy digestion.

We have done the research, and here is our selection of the best slow feeders for cats.

1. Petstages Interactive Cat Puzzles, Slow Feeders

This slow feeder by Petstages is a great product for your cat’s mealtime. Made with food safe materials, it is free from BPA, PVC, phthalates and lead. The meal-lengthening ridges on it form a maze for your cat to play through for food.

The fun maze will keep your cat occupied and foraging for longer. This helps delay your cat’s eating pace and improve digestion. Slow feed will also prevent your cat from bloating.

The round feeder is 5.5 inches in diameter and can hold 3/4 cup of wet or dry cat food. It has a non-slip base that will hold it in place as your cat plays through their mealtime.

This is an easy-to-clean slow feeder that is top rack dishwasher safe and easy on your pocket.

2. Lorde Slow Feeder Cat Bowls, Ceramic Fun Slow Feed Interactive Bloat Stop Puzzle Cat Bowl

The Lorde Bloat Stop Puzzle Cat Bowl is a highly rated slow feeder for cats. Made with premium-quality ceramic, the feeder is odor-free, lead-free, cadmium-free and non-toxic.

The round bowl weighs 1.8lbs., is 1.6 inches high and 8.7 inches in diameter. The heavy weight of the ceramic will make sure your cat can not move the bowl around while eating.

The maze design with different sized fish-shaped protrusions delay your cat’s eating and promote healthy digestion. The three high protrusions in the center of the bowl teach your cat to use their paws to get food. Smooth feel of the ceramic material prevents your cat’s mouth and tongue from getting scratched.

If you are not satisfied with this product, the manufacturer guarantees replacement or a refund. Which is great because this is a premium product that charges a premium price.

3. Catit Senses 2.0 Food Tree – Interactive Cat Toy

Catit is a trusted company that is highly praised for their designs. Made from BPA-free materials, their Food Tree from the Senses 2.0 line of products is one of the most popular interactive slow feeders for cats.

Cats are greedy eaters and the Food Tree can stimulate natural hunting behavior by making your cat paw out small portions at a healthy pace.

The food tree has three levels with various side openings for your cat to interact with to get their treats. The narrow top opening will prevent your cat from cheating. The improved design has increased stability so your cat will not be able to topple it either.

The Food Tree has three levels of difficulty for you to set by rotating the middle disk and adjusting the opening sizes. This feature will keep your cat interested and stimulate all their senses. The slow pace of eating will promote healthy digestion and keep your cat from bloating.

This product is easy to clean. You can simply disassemble and hand wash it to clean. The Food Tree is a well designed interactive slow feeder for your cat and is great value for money.

4. Catit Senses 2.0 Digger Interactive Cat Toy

The Digger Interactive Cat Toy is another great product from the Catit Senses 2.0 product line that has made our list. It is a slow feeder designed to make your cat dig for their treats. Made with BPA-free materials, this cat slow feeder is for use with dry kibble and treats.

This cat food bowl has multiple tubes that stimulate your cat’s natural pawing behavior. It comes with three short and narrow tubes and two long and wide tubes. The smart design encourages your cat’s instincts to paw out smaller portions of food, which stimulate activity and reduce binge eating.

The Digger has a stable rubber base and a sloped surface that collects the treats your cat digs out. Simply place a few treats on the surface and the rest in the tubes and watch your cat slowly dig their treats out for a healthy paced meal.

Our Final Thoughts

All the products mentioned on this list will help slow your cat’s eating pace and promote healthy digestion. They will prevent your cat from binge eating, overeating and regurgitating. Your cat will no longer feel intestinal discomfort or bloating due to fast eating habits.

We like all the products here but the Catit Senses 2.0 Food Tree – Interactive Cat Toy is by far our favorite. Its intelligent design and interactive model makes it a slow feeder that plays on your cat’s natural instincts and stimulates all their senses.

We recommend to pair this model with other Catit Senses 2.0 products to give your cat the full experience of brilliant design. We hope you liked our selection of the best slow feeders for cats.

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