Best Toys for Bengal Cats

Got yourself a Bengal cat? Confused about keeping your inherently wild yet sweet new pet entertained through the day? Well, you have arrived on the right page.

Not only will this post give you some information about these felines, but you will also find a list of the best toys for Bengal cats that you can purchase to liven up your pet’s playtime.

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What are Bengal Cats?

Bengal cats are a fairly new breed of cats that have come about due to the mating of wildcats like the Asian leopard cat and Savannahs with domestic cats, especially in USA. The idea was to create a hybrid that would resemble a mini leopard, cheetah or tiger. The name Bengal cat is homage to its legendary ancestor, the Bengal Tiger.

Before this new breed of sassy cats became accepted, an unexpected breeding accident led to the birth of the world’s first litter of Bengal cats. In the 1940’s, a Californian resident by the name of Jean Mill took home with her an Asian Leopard cat. She also had a black tom cat at home.

Surprisingly, the two cats mated and the offspring was a crossbreed with ginger black spots. This accidental mating gave rise to the Bengal cat breed that soon gained popularity as domestic pets.

Traits and Characteristics of Bengal Cats

So, what makes Bengal cats so unique?

Bengal cat

Well, as their name suggests, Bengal cats have a bit of both in them. They are wild yet domesticated, mischievous yet harmless. These little savage yet sweet creatures are more active and curious than normal household cats. They will keep you on-the-go 24/7. Their agile and playful nature will not give you a minute’s rest. You may find yourself struggling to keep them occupied and entertained.

Bengal cats are not the kind that will snuggle on your lap or will quietly snooze on your couch. These little brats live for adventure. They love the outdoors and are very sensitive to changes like furniture being moved about and the presence of new people in the house. So, if you are looking for a well-behaved, less troublesome pet for yourself, a Bengal cat is definitely not the type.

4th generation hybrid Bengal cats are exceptionally intelligent, and if trained well, they can quickly master some tricks. They can be taught to open doors, use the litter box and follow commands like sit, stay, roll over, jump, and high five.

The 5 Best Toys for Bengal Cats

With such clever little busybodies, it can be a challenge to find the right toys for them to play with. So, without further ado, let’s move to our list of best toys for Bengal cats

1. Cat Exercise Wheel

Fast and furious! That’s how your Bengal cat will be if left to idle around the house without proper training equipment. These naughty creatures live for the thrill. They need exercise and are made for speed.

Train them to chase and they will not disappoint you. One Fast Cat Exercise Wheels are designed to let your cats run wild. Its smooth roller blades are made from 100% recycled plastic, and are perfect to give your Bengal cats the speedy motion they need to train their limbs for a unique hunting experience.

Don’t be surprised if after a few days on the wheel and left to their own devices, you find your Bengals waiting for you with a cat bowl full of cockroaches and lizards to offer you as a treat.

2. Cat Teaser

You read it right. We know all this time your Bengal kitty has been the one doing all the teasing. Messing up your folded laundry, yanking away the bowl of cereal from your hands and even clawing repeatedly at your new couch. But now it’s time for you to tease it back.

Eco City Cat Toy’s multicolored cat teaser comes with an easy to carry wand and a set of 4 natural feather refills that are made from durable and environmentally friendly materials. Your Bengal cat will love playing with this. You can use it to train your feline to jump and roll over.

This affordable cat teaser is sure to keep your Bengal occupied and entertained through the day.

3. SmartyKat Hot Pursuit Cat Toy

SmartKat’s Hot Pursuit cat toy is specially designed to replicate the motion of a hidden prey with moving lights. Powered by 3 AA sized batteries, SmartyKat Hot Pursuit Cat Toy makes your Bengal’s playtime fun and exciting.

In its pursuit to catch the automated prey, your Bengal will learn to hunt in real time. It is sure to keep your high energy Bengal cat healthy and active.

Purchase it now on Amazon to give your Bengal cat a purrrfect interactive learning experience for its physical and mental stimulation.

4. PAWS Road Cat Toys-Tunnel for Cats

Remember how we said earlier that Bengal cats still have a bit of wildness in them. This toy tunnel will take them back to their roots. It will make them feel like their ancestors who have roamed the forests and sat on thick branches of trees, silently waiting for their prey. Yes, the tigers, cheetahs and the leopards that sit on the branches…quietly…waiting.

ABO Gear Fun Tunnel is made from thick and luxurious faux leather for your kitty’s comfort. It is lined with rustling fabric that makes noise as your kitty crawls inside the tunnel for the adventure of a lifetime. Its two peepholes will provide ample of opportunity for your Bengal cat to be surprised every time it raises its head to peep.

The tunnel is collapsible so there is no excuse to leave your cat’s favorite toy behind while traveling.

Our Final Thoughts

Before purchasing any toys for your Bengal cat, keep in mind that they are intelligent, agile, and more active than ordinary domestic cats. Their unique ability makes them fun playmates, but it is equally important that you provide them with the toys they need to develop their minds and train their bodies.

We hope you found our list of best toys for Bengal cats to be an interesting and useful read.

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