Best Water Pistols for Cats

Cats are intelligent and independent. Although these are the traits that make them endearing to us, they are also responsible for making the cats more willful. As funny as it looks on YouTube, your feline companion’s resistance to training can become exhausting sometimes.

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A commonly used method, but considered a bit outdated of late, is spraying the cat with water for disobedience to discourage unwanted behaviors.

The 4 Best Water Pistols for Cats

Since some cats are easier to train with the help of a water pistol, it makes more sense to use this old method for training them. Since you will need to get water pistols for this method, following are some recommendations for the best water pistols for cats:

1. Water Cannon

A durable product made for long term usage, the Water Cannon is the perfect object to keep at home. The best part about this is that not only will it help you in your cat training, it also helps as a deterrent. If you have cases of unwelcome pests around the house like littering street cats and birds, you can use the water canon to shoo them away without actively harming them.

Water Pistols for Cat Training

Another great use for the water canon is its potential use as a water gun for playing. Get a few around the house and you can have a fun water fight in the garden with a few friends! All in all, it is a great option to consider.

2. HITOP Water Guns

These water guns are compact, easy to use and are a good quality product to invest in. Although they are marketed as a water fighting play toy for kids, it also makes for a good water pistol for cat training.

With a sturdy handle and quick refill function, it is the optimal product to use to get your misbehaving cat to stop scratching the furniture, destroying the tissue rolls or throwing various objects around the house for entertainment.

It is safe and non-toxic so makes for the perfect water pistol to have around especially if you have kids around the house who can use it for entertainment every now and then.

3. D-FantiX Water Guns

Similar in looks and function to the HITOP Water Guns, the ones by D-FantiX are strong, durable and easy to use. They have a non-slip handle and, therefore, simpler to use around an energetic feline which charges around the house while you attempt to discipline it.

Their differentiating factor is their relative affordability compared to HITOP which, paired with their durable and strong make, results in even more value for money because they last longer.

4. PetSafe SSSCAT Spray Deterrent

If instead of using it to train the cat for specific tasks, you want an object that simply deters them from certain locations in the house, this motion sensing cat spray might be the more suitable choice for you.

While it is customary to arrange the house to better adjust your feline friends, it is understandable to want some decorations around which might be more fragile. If your cat is prone to destruction, place the decoration around the deterrent and you can stay assured that your cat’s fuzzy paws won’t reach it.

The deterrent is non-toxic and simply acts to keep cats away from some specific places or objects.

Some Criticism for the Method

Spraying the cat with water as a method of discouraging poor behavior has recently received criticism. Many cat behavioral experts now believe that the punishment does little to alter the cat’s misbehavior.

In a recent article published by D. Sarah Ellis, she contends that cats learn more through reinforcement and rewards than they do through punishment. A few other experts have corroborated this. They explained that given a vat’s basic nature, the punishment just doesn’t register and it is much better to give rewards for the correct behavior.

Following are some reasons why spraying the feline is not the best idea:

  1. It makes it difficult for the cat to bond with you
  2. It stresses them out
  3. They might not understand why they are being punished (especially if there is a gap between behavior and punishment).
  4. It will make it difficult for you to groom them (give them baths) or use spray medicines on them in case of flea or tick infestations.

Alternate Methods for Cat Training:

Even though spraying might not always work, there are alternatives which can be used instead to train your cat to be a more civilized member of the household.

1. Offering Treats for Good Behavior

One of the simplest ways to train cats is to offer positive reinforcements. If your cat is a fan of treats, keep some around to give to them when they exhibit good behavior or follow the rules. It will encourage then to continue exhibiting that behavior.

2. Use sticky tape around furniture

If your major concern is your cat scratching up all your furniture, you can prevent it by putting sticky tape on it. The discomfort of paws sticking to the tape will deter the cat from the action.

As a bonus, if you have a scratching post in the house, you can redirect your cat to it and soon, it will forget about the furniture. It will keep the cat happy and your furniture safe.

Our Final Thoughts

To sum up, the best water pistols for cats are simple, multipurpose and easy to use. The training will generally act as a deterrent for certain unwanted behaviors but ensure it works for your cat before making it a routine part of training.

If your cat does not show any behavioral change, it is better to use an alternate method to get them to stop certain behaviors and perform others. The alternates can be positive reinforcements of inconvenience and redirections to help your cat create a connection. If your cat ends up responding to these more, your goal will be achieved!

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