Entertaining Your Cat: A Complete Guide

Most cats have the ability to fill their days with a myriad of activities that provide the fulfilment and sense of purpose required by any living being. Whether lazy days spent sleeping or exploring the outdoor environment, most cats have a full diary.

But for some cats – especially those with a certain personality type – can often find themselves a little restless when their owner leaves the house for the day or simply if they’re an indoor cat that never sees the outdoors.

How to Entertain Your Cat

Luckily, there are several items that you can purchase and adaptions to your home that you can make to ensure that your furry friend never has another dull day for as long as they live. In this article, we’ll teach you how to keep your cat happy and entertained.

entertaining your cat

Introduce a Range of Cat Toys

Cats love to play just as much as any other pet. For that reason, you should make sure that your home is stocked full of cat friendly toys that your cat can occupy themselves with.

There are several toys available on the market including everything from catnip stuffed fish to a luxury cat condo that will keep your cat busy for hours.

Cat Puzzles

Many animals love a good puzzle and cats are no different. There are several on the market which are designed to provide rewards for the successful completion of certain tasks, providing your cat with some incentive to get involved.

And best of all, these puzzles will improve your cat’s problem-solving ability, reducing the likelihood of them coming to harm when out in the wild.

Cardboard Boxes & Cat Tunnels

Cats can find a source of entertainment in almost anything; inanimate or otherwise. The presence of a simple cardboard box can keep a cat entertained for far longer than it should – but better yet – they’re practically free.

If you wish to go a little more upmarket, consider purchasing a purpose made cat tunnel which are usually very well designed to provide your cat with a variety of challenges.

Cat Scratching Posts

Cats have many ways to relieve stress but one of the most fundamental is the process of scratching. We’ve covered this in another article, but scratching is something that a cat simply must do to remain healthy.

For that reason, we suggest purchasing one of several types of cat scratching post which is sure to keep your cat entertained for hours. An added benefit is that your cat won’t choose to sharpen their claws on your furniture.

​Cat Furniture

We mentioned cat condos earlier but there are several different types of purpose-built items of cat furniture that are designed to provide a safe space for your cat to enjoy themselves.

Most pieces of cat furniture are pretty heavy duty so there is minimal risk of them being knocked over accidentally. Simply place your kitty’s new piece of furniture in their favorite part of your house and watch the magic happen.

Make Your Windows a Cat Friendly Place

Most cats really enjoy watching the world go by through a window, especially when from an elevated position such as the 2nd story of your home.

Make sure that you keep your blinds open during the day and provide a clear, safe space free from ornaments and other items for your cat to sit in comfort.

Consider Buying A Fish Tank

A potential hazard you might think but in actual fact, the presence of a fish tank can provide a source of stimulation for any cat.

We suggest buying a sealed unit that is placed in a visible but out of reach location so that your cat won’t be able to catch its own dinner.

Buy Another Cat

Having fun is a pastime best shared so why not give your cat another friend to play with? A little extra responsibility for you can mean a world of excitement for your beloved feline friend – simply make sure that your cat has the right temperament and that your new cat is a match.

​Fun for All Cats

All cats have their own personality, but their basic instincts and behavior remain the same. We suggest trialing some of the ideas in this guide before settling on those which provide your cat with the most amount of stimulation and excitement.

If you have the space, you could implement every suggestion on the list and cultivate yourself a cat that is happy for life.

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