How Many Litter Boxes are Needed for Two Cats?

Do you already own a pet cat and brought home another one? You are not the only one! Not only are cats extremely adorable, but they also make great house pets! They are loving creatures that are clean and tidy and love the stability of routine life.

Let’s say that now you have two cats at home. They share the same food and water bowls and also play with the same toys. But how many litter boxes are needed for two cats? One would naturally assume that one litter box is enough and both the cats can share it. Or perhaps two litter boxes, one for each cat.  But experts have figured out that the answer to how many litter boxes are needed for two cats is neither one nor two! It is actually 3. If you have two pet cats, you should own 3 litter boxes.

How Many Litter Boxes are Needed for Two Cats?

The litter box rule of thumb is the n+1 rule, which basically means you should keep one more litter box than the number of cats you have. (

How Many Litter Boxes Are Needed For Two Cats

Sometimes cats do not like sharing litter boxes and want their own space. This ration enables them to do just that. Even if your cats don’t mind sharing, having extra litter boxes around the house lets them relieve themselves in an appropriate place.

Sometimes one cat can use the litter box and leave it dirty and smelly.  It’s impossible to clean the litter box every time your cat goes potty, so having multiple litter boxes can be useful as cats seldom use dirty litter boxes. Multiple litter boxes also prevent overcrowding of the box. So if one cat has gone before, the other cat will have to step over the other’s waste to find a clean spot. If a clean spot cannot be found, the other cat will relieve itself in some other part of the house.

Therefore having 3 litter boxes for two cats is a good solution. This gives each cat its own space to relive itself, and one additional litter box is available just in case. Multiple litter boxes not only make sure that the carpets and furniture stay clean but also avoids inappropriate adaptations by your cat to accommodate its basic needs

Signs You Need Another Litter Box

If your cat has been spraying the sides of the litter box or the wall around the box, it may be a sign one cat is telling the other to “keep away.” This is especially applicable to covered litter boxes.

If your cat habitually covers its feces and suddenly stops burying it, it can be a sign to the other cat to stay away from this box.

If your cat has been eliminating outside the litter box for no reason, it may be a sign the cat is not happy with the current litter box arrangement and may require another litter box.

What Type of Litter Box to Buy?

So the answer to how many litter boxes are needed for two cats is 3! But what kind of litter boxes should you buy? Are all the litter boxes the same? The answer is no. Not all litter boxes are suitable for all cats. Cats can be very particular about the size, shape, and depth of their litter boxes.

When buying a litter box, make sure it is big enough for your cat to fit comfortably in, with some additional space to spare. The box should be big enough for your cat to be able to avoid any previous deposits in the box as well. The box should at least be as long as the cat from the tip of their nose to their tail, and the width should be as wide as your cat.

Buying the Right Height Litter Box

If your cat is not a “sprayer” and does not normally kick the litter outside the box, a box with 5 -7-inch-high walls is great, especially if it is large in size.

If your cat is a sprayer or has bad aim, try getting a larger litter box with 8-12 inches walls, or perhaps an enclosed box where your cat can easily jump in and do its business.

The Arm and Hammer 22195 Rim Waved Pan (ASIN: B00BMLRNQK) is a good option to avoid litter scatter. It also has a low entry for your cat to jump in easily.

Should You Get a Covered or Uncovered Litter Box?

Some cats love covered litter boxes, and some don’t. The only way to find out your cat’s preference is by trying it out. If purchasing a covered litter box, do make sure the entry point is not too difficult or too small to get into.

The Top Entry Cat Litter Box with Cat Plastic Scoop (ASIN: B08X4363XS) is a great product, especially if you have a large cat. It is easy to assemble and a comfortable size for your cat. It is semi-enclosed and has a front-enter and top exit lid. It also has a filter pedal for your cat to shake off any litter granules. The large space within makes sure your cat litter comfortably, even if your cat is overweight. It also comes with a free scooper that makes life easier!

Another option is the Parlizel Cat Litter Box with Lid (ASIN: B097GRMQWV). This covered litter box is also large enough for cats below 15lbs. It’s fully enclosed, providing more privacy to your cat. This box has a concealed hook for the scooper, so the scooper is easy to store and access when needed. Cleaning this box is easy as all you need to do is drag the tray out and wash it, and place it back inside. The design provides a hygienic arrangement for all your cat’s litter needs!

Our Final Thoughts

The perfect answer to how many litter boxes are needed for two cats is three, as this number provides a comfortable arrangement for your cats. When purchasing the perfect litter boxes, do keep certain points in mind, such as variety and size. If you have one enclosed litter box, also maybe the second one can be an open one. Make sure the boxes are placed in well-ventilated locations so they don’t your stink up your house. Also, ensure that the boxes are placed in comfortable locations, i.e., where the temperature is not too hot or too cold.

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