How Many Teeth Do Cats Have?

How many teeth do cats have? Every cat owner at one point has thought of this question. Some might believe they are not many, but the number of teeth your cat has might surprise you. The average adult cat has 30 permanent teeth, while a kitten has 26 teeth. The number of teeth your cat has may depend upon their tooth health or tooth loss.

Cats are also born with no teeth. Cats tend to have better teeth than most humans. In the initial days, they don’t need them as they only consume milk, but within two to six weeks, a baby kitten starts to develop their temporary ‘baby teeth”. These last about 11 weeks and are eventually replaced by permanent ones.

All About Cat Teeth

It is not the case with all cats, as some might not have a complete set of teeth. The question that arises is how many teeth do cats need? How normal is it for cats to lose teeth? When cats lose teeth, do they grow back?

How Many Teeth Do Cats Have

Front Teeth

If you didn’t already know, cats have six front teeth on the top of their jaw and six front teeth on the bottom. A cat’s front teeth are called incisors, central, intermediate, and lateral, regarding their location in your cat’s mouth.

These teeth are teeny tiny, but they’re still helpful for cats. Incisors are used for cutting, grooming, picking up things, nibbling, tending to their claws, and scratching itches. They are also used for gripping their prey. While the canine teeth, also known as fangs, do all the dirty work, the incisors do all the carrying.

How Many Teeth Do Cats Have?

A full-grown cat has a set of 30 teeth, but if they’re missing a few teeth, they can still lead an everyday life. It’s pretty standard for a cat to lose teeth during its life. It can be for several reasons, such as periodontal disease, tooth resorption, or gingivostomatitis.

However, cats who don’t have a complete set of 30 teeth live life just like other cats. If your cat has lost quite a few teeth, it’s best to feed them wet canned food so that it’s easier for them. Your cat might prefer dry food over this, so it’s best to mix them both for a good feed.


Teeth Falling Out

A cat’s teeth falling out is not a big deal, and if your cat is an adult and has some dental problems, they’re likely to have more teeth fall out. Kittens, however, will lose many teeth a few months after their birth. Just as we get our milk teeth and then our permanent teeth, kittens have the same process.

However, if your adult cat loses teeth, this is a dangerous sign and must be looked at immediately. Your cat might have Gingivitis, which can cause permanent damage to the bone and ligaments that hold the teeth in place if it goes untreated.

The minute you notice your cat losing teeth or a missing tooth around the house, schedule an appointment right away to avoid any major dental issues.

An important thing to notice is that sometimes your cat will not show signs of pain as cats are good at handling their ache. So, it can get challenging to identify if your car is dealing with any dental issues or not. You can look out for such a problem by keeping an eye on their eating patterns, any sigh of red gums, or excessive drooling.

Missing Tooth

If your cat has lost a tooth because of periodontal or gum disease, plaque will likely build up along the gum line. This loosens the teeth from the gums and causes them to fall out. This usually happens with older cats who are around six years or older.

If you’ve noticed a tooth loss, drooling, a slacking jaw, and can smell bad breath, this could signify that your cat is suffering from a nasty infection. To prevent this from getting worse, give your cat dry food. It will also help if you develop a habit of brushing your teeth from a young age.

Do Cat Teeth Grow Back?

The thing with cats is that if a kitten loses its teeth, it’s pretty standard as it will grow back and be replaced with permanent ones.

However, if an adult cat loses a few teeth, then they’re gone forever. But looking at the bright side, your cat can still lead an everyday life.

Older Cats

Cats who’ve reached a certain age will end up losing many teeth. Siamese, Abyssinian, Persian, and Maine coon cats are the most common breed to lose their front teeth as soon as they start aging.

Tooth loss is more common in cats of age. Nevertheless, if your adult cat is healthy and taken care of, their chances of losing teeth decrease.

Our Final Thoughts

We hope this article provides you with all information needed on how many teeth do cats have. Remember that your cat’s dental health is related to their overall wellness, so ensure you have all the relevant information.

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