How to Keep Cats Away from a Christmas Tree

Do you find putting up a Christmas tree a complicated mission since your cat always wants to be on top of it playing with Christmas balls and lights? If your answer is yes, this article will interest you as it shares a couple of simple and efficient tricks on how to keep cats away from Christmas tree.

How to Keep Cats Away from a Christmas Tree

Cats see the Christmas tree as their new jungle gym. If you put that there, without a doubt, it is for your pet to have unforgettably fun moments. The tree has it all, hanging objects, places to climb, and hide. Following these simple steps, you can protect our Christmas tree from being destroyed.

But, before we start discussing the steps to keep your cat away from the Christmas tree, let’s outline the things you may require to carry out these steps.

How to Keep Cats Away From Christmas tree

What You Will Need

  • A cat repellent spray (ASIN: B07Q7S4NQX)
  • Bitter apple spray (ASIN: B00LRKJV1Q)
  • A motion sensor (ASIN: B00J9XOSX4)
  • A “scat mat” or electrostatic mat (ASIN: B08LJ8F1HC)

7 Steps to Keep Your Cat Away from the Christmas tree

For you, it is a Christmas tree full of carefully arranged decorations. For your cat, it’s a sensory treat of sparkling ornaments, flickering lights, and outstretched branches, crying out to be explored and even climbed. In addition, cats feel more confident and dominant when in high places. Add to that the almost irresistible appeal of hanging ornaments. It’s no surprise that cats feel compelled to try to climb Christmas trees, often with disastrous consequences. However, with a bit of foresight and a few simple techniques, you can safely keep your cat and Christmas tree away.

Step 1: Opt for a Fake Christmas Tree

Pines are toxic to a cat. If your cat swallows the pine needles, they can pierce the cat’s internal organs. Also, the water at the base of the tree can be toxic if your pet drinks it. In addition, regardless of the types of the tree, the small branches that come off can also be harmful to your cat if ingested by mistake. Therefore, use an artificial Christmas tree. Although there are still chances that it could cause harm to your cat if it ingests part of it, it is somehow safer than a natural pine. Also, the artificial tree may be less attractive to your cat.

There is no such risk with a fake tree. However, there is still the risk of the tree falling over and injuring someone, including your cat. To avoid it, secure the tree to the ground. In addition, try to cover the base of the tree to prevent your cat from drinking whatever water there may be.

Likewise, avoid using too small or sharp decoration items that can be swallowed by your cat or hurt. Also, do not forget to unplug the lights when you’re not around for your cat’s safety.

Indeed, protection is the first step since keeping your cat safe is more important than anything!

Step 2: Place the Christmas tree at the Right Place

Placing the Christmas tree in the right place is also essential to avoid damage. It is best to put it in the middle of the room so that it is not near any furniture that the cat can use as a launching pad to jump over the tree.

Step 3: Use Cat Repellent Sprays

Use fragrances that are repellent for your cat to keep them away from the tree. Cats hate the smells of citrus fruits because it is too strong for them. Commercial indoor repellents for cats are very effective. If you use a cat repellent spray with some pleasant citrus smell or a simple citrus air freshener on the Christmas tree, your cat would not even want to go sniffing around. Dried orange peels are also equally unpleasant to cats, so you can also place them around the tree base.

You can also keep a water spray in your reach. Whenever your cat approaches the Christmas tree, spray a little water on it. Since it is known that cats hate water, after a few sprays, your cat will be watchful.

Step 4: Use Bitter Apply Spray

Using multiple techniques at the same time can be more effective in keeping your cat away from the Christmas tree.  Bitter apple liquid has long been used to prevent pets from chewing or licking stuff. It can also be a good option if used on the Christmas tree. Spray the bottom of the tree with bitter apple spray to deter cats from nibbling on the branches. The unpleasant taste of this harmless product will keep your cats away.

Step 5: Use Materials which Cats Don’t Like

Placing an upside-down hallway rug or aluminum foil sheets around the tree can also be effective as many cats dislike the feel of these materials on their paws.

Step 6: Use a Motion Sensor

Another way to discourage your cat from climbing the tree is using a motion sensor. You can get one from a pet store or online at Amazon.  Such devices produce a high-pitched sound, coupled with a harmless but alarming blast of compressed air, as the cat approaches.

Many people use whistles or squirt guns to deter their pets from attacking the tree, which can be confusing and scary for cats. Such methods can lead to behavior problems in cats. Installing a motion sensor is a better option in this regard.

Step 7: Use a Scat Mat/Cat Training Mat

Another safe yet effective method to keep your cats away from the Christmas tree is using a scat mat or electrostatic mat at the base of the tree. You can use it if all of the above methods fail or in addition to the above methods. The mat emits safe electrostatic pulses that will likely be enough to deter your cat. These mats have long been used for pet training and are safe. If you have already used it before to train your pet, simply by seeing it, the cat will stay away.

Our Final Thoughts

Now you’ve got some practical answers to your question about how to keep cats away from Christmas tree. Keeping your cat away from the Christmas tree is always not possible, but following these simple tips, it is likely that your Christmas tree will get through several days.

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