How to Keep Cats off Furniture?

Scratching is a natural need for cats, but there is nothing worse than to find this on your new sofa or a wooden table. If you ask where this habit comes from, the answer is simple: cats do what pleases them. They can’t help but scratch: nature has programmed them to do so! The main reasons are to file their claws or mark their territory. Although behavior training can be difficult with cats, such as their case with furniture, you can find peace at home with some simple steps.

How to Keep Cats Off Furniture?

This article shares some tips on how to keep cats off furniture. You just need to get a little creative to keep your cats away from the furniture. Keep note of some of the things you might need for this.

Things You Will Need

  • A scratching post
  • Catnip spray
  • Double-sided tape
  • Aluminum foil
  • Cat repellent spray
  • Cat toys

Now let’s discuss some simple steps to keep cats away from furniture.

How to Keep Cats off Furniture

How to Keep Cats off Furniture?

1. Place a Scratching Post Where Your Cat Likes to Relax

It seems unthinkable to have a cat without a scratching post, as it is impossible to have it without having a litter box. Cats don’t just scratch your sofa or your new coffee table just for pleasure, but it is their natural urge. So it is better to make them scratch at the right places instead of expecting them to stop scratching.

Scratch posts are wooden objects in different shapes covered with a rough material ideal for cats to scratch. An important thing to consider is placing the scratching posts at strategic places in your house. Try installing them at locations where your cat likes to play or relax. For example, put them at places where there is more traffic or where your cat likes to sleep. Usually, cats like to mark their territory in such areas. You can also place scratching posts near a sofa or chairs that are frequently scratched.

Do not put one scratch post but buy a few and place them at multiple places. A single scratching post placed at an inappropriate place won’t work with your cat. Do not forget to reward them on using scratch posts to encourage its use.

2. Use Catnip Spray on Scratching Post or Your Cat’s Bed

Your cat may love their new scratch post or ignore it, getting it right for them is not always easy. Cats find catnip’s smell irresistibly attractive and pleasant. Spray it on their scratch posts to make them attractive for your cat.

You can also spray catnip in other areas where you want your cat to walk. You will see a huge difference in your cat’s behavior after its spray. You can get it from any pet store or online.

2. Place or Cover the Furniture With a Double-sided Tape or Aluminum Foil

Cats hate sticky objects that stick to their paw. Therefore, you can cover the exact areas of your furniture with such sticky materials where your cat frequently scratches. You can use double-sided tape for it. Use it on the sofa, table or chair’s legs or upholstery and keep your cats away from them.

Cats also hate aluminum foil. You might not have an idea that how much this kitchen product can scare your cat away. You can cut its pieces and stick them with tape on critical areas, just like the way you will do with double-sided tape. You don’t have to cover the entire sofa with it.

This solution requires a lot of motivation on your part. People with aesthetic taste in the furniture might be thinking how weird this trick is, but it works. Just remember that this is not something permanent. You will have to use these materials for a few days to scare your cat from your furniture somehow.

3. Use a Cat Repellent Spray

Like you can use catnip to attract your cat to places other than your furniture, you can also use cat repellent sprays on the areas which you want to prevent from them. You can find countless such sprays in stores or online.

What many people don’t know is that they can make such sprays easily at home. Since cats hate citrus, use lemon or vinegar, mix them in water, and use the mixture as a cat repellent.

If these tricks don’t work, you can also spray water whenever you find them attacking your piece of furniture. Cats hate water. Spray it on them whenever they’re on the table, and they will start associating water with that specific furniture object and avoid landing on it after a few sprays.

4. Make Some Sound

Besides these simple tricks, you can also make a specific sudden sound whenever you see your cat sitting on a sofa or a table. Try using a particular sound for one object. Your cat will start associating that sound with that particular furniture item, and it will learn to stay away from it in a few days. You can use bells, whistles, coins in a metal can, or loud applause.

5. Prevent Their Boredom with Cat Toys

Your cat may also be scratching your furniture out of boredom or lack of exercise. You can consider buying cat toys for them, and make sure to take some time out of your schedule to play with them. This will not just keep their attention away from furniture but will also encourage a positive behavior. You can get them online at Amazon.

Our Final Thoughts

Now you know how to keep cats off furniture. Try these tips, and your favorite sofa or chair will stay safe from your cat. Never blame them for scratching your furniture since it is their natural instinct. Instead, provide them with the right things to direct their attention away from your furniture. You can also share these tips with your friends who love their cats as well as their furniture.

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