How to Keep Cats out of Plants and Flower Beds?

Do you find your patience put to the test when your cat takes your garden for a playground? Even genuine animal lovers experience this if their cats cheerfully nibble on the aromatic plants they have planted, destroy their vegetable garden, or use flower beds as litter trays! If you are in the same boat, let us share some useful tips on how to keep cats out of plants and flower beds.

It is known that cats and flower beds don’t get along well. Whether yours or neighbor’s, cats love to nibble on leaves of your plants, chew on their stems, or play with your flower beds. Sometimes they just want to scratch the soil and scatter it around the plants.

How to Keep Cats out of Plants and Flower Beds?

However, keeping cats away from plants and flower beds is achievable by being a little creative. If you’re losing the battle of protecting your plants from felines, keep reading this article and benefit from our tips for cat-free flower beds.

How to Keep Cats out of Plants and Flower Beds

Let’s first discuss some of the things you will need.

Things You Will Need

  1. Chicken Wire
  2. Bird Net
  3. Catwatch ultrasonic cat deterrent
  4. A Motion Sprinkler
  5. Cat Repellent Spray

How to Keep Cats Out of Plants and Flower Beds?

Now let’s discuss the tips to keep your adorable cats gently away from your plantations.

Plant Some Anti-Cat or Cat Repellent Herbs

One of the most effective ways is to plant some cat-repellent herbs in your flower beds or with other plants. Among the plants that cats prefer to avoid by making a big detour are Lemon Verbena, Lemon Balm, Rosemary and Thyme. Among these, Lemon Verbena holds the upper hand! This aromatic plant gives off a lemony scent which is very pleasant for us but not for our cats. Lemon Balm is another aromatic plant with a deliciously lemony scent that cats hate.

Rosemary is a beautiful shrub with a very aromatic smell, but did you know that its powerful, refreshing, camphoric, green scent is also one of the most effective cat repellants. The same goes for Thyme which intense odor serves as an olfactory barrier to keep cats away. Besides these herbs, which you can use in your cooking, you can also install lavender in your flower beds to deter cats.

You can also use cat repellent sprays available at pet stores and online. These commercial repellents are non-toxic and organic and are also safe for your plants. However, they may not be effective in large open spaces.

If all of the above doesn’t work, divert your cat’s attention by planting a catnip away from your flower beds. Cats love it!

Install a Chicken wire or a Bird Net

Installing a chicken wire is most effective when you plant a flower bed for the first time. The idea is to place it on the ground before sowing seeds. Don’t worry! This will not affect your planting and will make it uncomfortable for cats to walk on it as they don’t like the feeling against their paws. In addition, it will also prevent cats and other animals from digging up the soil. You may find it a bit unsightly initially, but it won’t even be visible once your plants start to grow.

However, if you have a fully grown flower bed, you can install lollipop sticks or short wooden poles into the ground at regular intervals to deter cats from stepping in there. They are a bit more noticeable but can be very effective.

You can also anchor sheets of bird net over newly planted beds to protect your freshly worked soil from cats. Although you can get the same results with a chicken wire, it can be more expensive and challenging to work with than a bird net.

Fire them with Water Using a Motion Sprinkler

Although you can keep a water gun in hand to spray on cats, this doesn’t seem like an animal-friendly way. Also, you can’t be standing there with a gun every time your cat tries to sneak into your plants. In addition, this can create behavioral issues in your cat, and there is a possibility that they start seeing it as a game, making it even more infuriating for you.

Even if you successfully train your cats not to enter your flower beds, you need to protect them from neighborhood cats or other animals. A motion-activated sprinkler will act as your guard 24 hours a day. The advantage of using a sprayer like this is that your flowers will receive a drink every time an uninvited visitor approaches. The disadvantage is that if you forget to deactivate it, you will get sprayed.

Motion sprinklers can be easily attached to the ground and any standard hose. When motion is detected, the sprinkler shoots water while making a clicking noise, scaring animals away from the area. Opt for a solar sprinkler that works with solar energy and acts as a reliable repellent without wasting electricity.

Install a Cat watch Ultrasonic Cat Deterrent

Another option to keep away cats and other animals from your plants and flower beds is installing an ultrasonic cat deterrent device. This device drives the animal out without any chemicals by emitting ultrasound.

These devices come in portable designs that can be installed anywhere in your house, garden or patio. The only downside is that they can be a little expensive.

Our Final Thoughts

Now you know some of the most effective and humane tips on how to keep cats out of plants and flower beds. With some simple steps, you can protect your garden without hurting the animal. Try these practical tips to repel cats from your garden and share with us if it worked for you.

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