Petyella Expandable Cat Carrier Review

Many people believe that traveling with their pets is an impossible task, especially if the animal is reluctant to get into a carrier. Then there are some people who are hesitant to travel because they believe their pets will be too cooped up in such a small confined area. Both of those concerns are addressed with the Petyella Expandable Cat Carrier.

In this review, we are going to talk a little more about the features of the Petyella Expandable Cat Carrier, but we are also going to give you an overview of what people who have purchased the cat carrier had to say about their overall experience with it.

Then, we’re going to give you our recommendation on whether or not this cat carrier is something you should consider purchasing for your own feline friend! You can also click here for our main cat carrier review and buying guide.

Our Review of the Petyella Expandable Cat Carrier

The Petyella Expandable Cat Carrier has been designed with your pet’s comfort and safety in mind.

Petyella Expandable Cat Carrier

The case utilizes a reinforced steel frame to ensure that your pet will be safe and secure, but the 600D polyester mesh provides your pet with plenty of fresh air, but the mesh also ensures that the carrier is lightweight and will fold up nice and compact when it isn’t being used. Notable features of the Petyella Expandable Cat Carrier include:

  • Strong straps and seams, durable zippers, enhanced stability, soft mat and a light weight
  • Expanding sides that zip out to give adult dogs and cats plenty of room
  • Easy to carry by shoulder strap or integrated handles
  • Folds flat for storage under a bed or in a drawer
  • Carries cats up to 11 lbs and measures 11 x 11 x 18 inches and 31 x 11 x 18 inch in expanded mode
  • Durable metal swivel clips prevent twisting of shoulder strap
  • Leash clip prevents your animal from dashing out
  • Free fleece blanket and collapsible bowl
  • Storage pocket on the side of the crate keep accessories at your fingertips
  • 1 Year Money Back Guarantee – 100% refund of your purchase price

This airline approved kennel bag will keep your pet safe, regardless if you are traveling by car or plane. If you are going on longer trips and you want to give your pet some more space, you can unzip both sides of the kennel, allowing for the sides to fold down.

The kennel also comes with a free paw print blanket that you can use for additional cushion to with the detachable fleece bed that is machine washable. The shoulder strap uses swivel thumb clips, so you never have to hassle with a twisted strap. The carrier also comes with a collapsible pet bowl so you can give your kitty fresh water.

What Others are Saying…

When looking at what people had to say about the Petyella Expandable Cat Carrier, the majority of consumers were very pleased with their purchase and left glowing reviews.

Customers reported that their cat and even small dogs fit very well in the carrier, and with the sides down, they even have some room to stretch and play with toys. Customers reported that their cats went into the carrier with no problems and they were nice and calm the entire trip.

People also commented that the carrier is very well made and it is very sturdy and they aren’t worried about their cats ripping a hole in the material. Several people have said that their cats enjoy being in the carrier so much that they leave the carrier on the floor and the cat uses it all the time.

Though many people had great things to say about this carrier, there were some people who had a few issues with it. Several people commented that the color they received was wrong and the included accessories didn’t match the color of the bag. Of course, this has no clear reflection of the product as a whole, but it is worth mentioning.

Other customers were disappointed in the carrier because there were some defects with their unit. One customer reported that the pull tab was missing from the main zipper.

Some said that the zipper on their carrier would get stuck in a few sections and that it probably would stop working all together in time. One customer also pointed out that there was some tears in the netting when the product arrived.


Finding a cat carrier that your cat will be comfortable and safe in is quite the challenge because you have a variety of options at your fingertips!

The Petyella Expandable Cat Carrier is unlike other carriers you may come across because this one expands to give your kitty a little extra space. The sturdy case has reinforced straps and seams so that when your cat is inside, they won’t be able to break free.

We also like that this case is lightweight, which makes it more comfortable to carry. The shoulder strap is attached to the bag with durable metal swivel clips which prevents the strap from twisting around. There is also a leash clip that will keep your cat from running away, too.

Unlike other pet carriers you may find, we appreciate that this one includes a fleece pad for your pet to lay on, but also a soft blanket for extra comfort. On top of that, this carrier includes a water bowl so you don’t have to forget to bring one.

Traveling with your pet can be a hassle, but so will trying to find lodging accommodations for your pet as well.

The next time you travel, you needn’t worry about any of that with this carrier. It’s going to be comfortable for your kitty to lounge in during those long trips, but you can also expand the sides so they have a little more leg room. If you’re looking for a great pet carrier, this is certainly worth the consideration!

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