Sherpa Delta Cat Carrier Review

Over the years, Sherpa pet carriers have taken multiple hits for having flaws in their products. If it wasn’t an issue with size, then it was something to do with its durability.

However, the Sherpa Delta Carrier has been getting all sorts of positive reactions from cat owners. It makes you wonder, did the guys at Sherpa finally make a flawless pet carrier or is this the same old carrier with a different design? We will get to the bottom of that in a bit. First, what exactly is the Sherpa Delta Carrier?

You know how every cat owner wants the perfect carrier for their cat? Perfect in the sense that it is big enough to comfortably fit your cat inside, but not too big to make you stand out. You also want one that allows you all-purpose use; from an easy time visiting the vet to a smooth airplane ride.

Sherpa Delta Cat Carrier

This cat carrier claims to have all this and more, including an even easier time, getting your cat in and out of the carrier. So, is it worth the try or just another pet carrier with a fancy name and nothing to show for it? Find out more in our in-depth review below.

Our Review of the Sherpa Delta Cat Carrier

The Sherpa Delta Cat Carrier has been designed with your cat’s comfort and safety in mind.

The case utilizes a ​flexible spring wire to ensure that your pet will be safe and secure with the mesh panels present providing your cat with plenty of fresh air, but the mesh also ensures that the carrier is lightweight and will fold up nice and compact for easy storage when it isn’t being used. Notable features of the Sherpa Delta Cat Carrier include:

  • Strong straps and seams, durable zippers, enhanced flexibility, great design and a light weight
  • Easy to carry by shoulder strap or integrated handles
  • Folds flat for storage under a bed or in a drawer
  • ​Available in three different sizes with largest size suitable for cats and other animals up to 22 lbs
  • Durable metal swivel clips prevent twisting of shoulder strap
  • Leash clip prevents your animal from dashing out
  • Free washable blanket
  • Storage pocket on the side of the carrier keep accessories at your fingertips

Mesh Sides

For proper ventilation, this carrier comes with mesh side panels which allow fresh air to get to your cat easily. They are fairly large giving your furry friend a chance to check out their surroundings while in the carrier. The upside of having mesh sides over plastic airholes is that your cat doesn’t get a chafed nose from rubbing against it. The downside, however, is that, with enough determination, your little buddy can scratch or chew through it ending up on the wrong side of the carrier. That is if you have an aggressive or mischievous cat with particularly sharp claws.

Top and Side Entry

If you plan on traveling with your cat a lot, this feature can be of great help. It helps you get to your cat promptly as you go through various checking points for instance, at the airport. Oh, it also helps during vet visits when your furry buddy is too scared to get out of the carrier.

Padded Carrying Strap

Clearly, your comfort is also a priority for the makers of the Sherpa Delta Carriers as it comes with well padded carrying straps. Speaking of, you have two types of carrying straps, a shoulder strap, and tote bag straps. While carrying the bag like a tote bag helps redistribute your cat’s weight evenly, a shoulder strap gives your arms a rest when taking a long walk.  You can also turn the shoulder strap into a cat or dog leash as it attaches easily to a collar.

Roll Down Flaps

For all privacy lovers, this feature right here is for you! Attached above the mesh openings, are roll down flaps held up by Velcro straps. You can roll them down to conceal your cat or perhaps to keep your curious companion in check. It also helps provide shade from the scorching sun.

Convenient Side Pocket

Not many carriers are thoughtful enough to have pockets. The side pocket on this carrier gives you an easy time carrying with you any documents while traveling or going to the vet. You can also carry some cat essentials such as waste bags and tiny snacks among other things.

Meets Airline Requirements

This is no doubt one of the most important features in a pet carrier. It is often a pain having to switch carriers or even buy a last-minute one when flying. With the Sherpa Carrier, you can walk up to any airline without the fear of being turned back due to pet carrier restrictions. For one, its flexible shape allows it to easily fit under your seat or in the cabin’s overhead luggage compartment, while the spring frame makes sure it does not lose shape while down there.

Contains a Metal O-ring Inside the Carrier

This allows you to attach your pet’s collar to the ring minimising any chances of it fleeing. It might, however, feel a bit uncomfortable on long flights.

Removable Lining

The lining is made of a removable faux lambskin liner to keep your pet cozy throughout its stay in the carrier. The lining is machine wash friendly making it easy to wash and maintain. You can also buy your own lining if the one that comes with the carrier is not enough. Or perhaps simply have one for interchanging when you wash the original lining.

Spring Wire Frame

A fabric bag has some advantages over a plastic or metallic carrier which are comfort, flexibility and of course, proper ventilation. However, making the bag sturdy and shapely is usually the hard part. This carrier, however, comes with a spring wire frame, great at allowing it to have some shape hence it will not collapse on your cat. This also gives it the flexibility to fit in small spaces hence handy for tight cabins during air travel.


It Comes with Great Flexibility and Convenience

In case you haven’t noticed, this carrier comes with a lot of room for adjustments. This includes the little add-ons such as the O-ring to hold your pet when inside as well as the shoulder sling that can double as a leash. The removable lining, malleable frame, side flaps, and side pockets are other little necessities that make this cat carrier worthwhile.

Easy to Clean

The body of the Sherpa Carrier is quite easy to clean as all it needs is a gentle pat down with a wet cloth. The material also dries quite fast and does not get dirty easily. To top this off, you can remove the lining and throw it in your washer giving you an even easier time cleaning.


You can easily fold this carrier and store it away once you are done using it thanks to it’s easy to fold body. Once you remove the lining, folding it is a walk in the park making storage easy, taking up little space while at it.

Easy to Carry

The producer of this carrier goes above and beyond to ensure that you have an easy time handling it. It all starts with the different carrying styles availed and trickles down to the padded handles which give you comfort.

Accessible Entry and Exit for Your Cat

This is where most pet carriers fail. The ease in which you can get your cat in and out really matters in the long run. With the Sherpa Carrier, it only takes a couple of minutes thanks to the front and side access. Oh, and the zippers for this carrier easily interlock making it hard for your pet to get loose.

Airline Approved

Not all bags are able to pass airline carrier standards so this one definitely gets points for this feature. Its, flexibility and shape also add to the ease of traveling with your pet. The name of this carrier should give you some clue as to which airline endorses it.


The carrier is leak-proof making is easy to contain any spillage within the bag in case of an accident.


Pets Have Been Said to Chew on the Mesh and Escape

Although the mesh sides are great for ventilation, they are easy to rip allowing your pet to escape. This makes it a less ideal carrier for long distance journeys or for the cargo hold.There have also been complaints about the zipper sticking every now and then, making it frustrating to get your pet in and out of the carrier.

Not Big Enough for Big Pets

Although it comes in different sizes (small, medium and large) this carrier may not fit your cat if he or she is too big. This is attributed to the fact that the dimensions are on the outside as opposed to the inside cutting down a few inches on the actual size. This may require you to actually test it before buying.

The Side Pocket is Not Big Enough

We commend the Sherpa Cat Carrier for having an easy access side pocket. However, it is not large enough to contain all your cat’s daily essentials. This may require you to have an extra bag, especially when traveling.

No Wheels

Modern cat carriers come with wheels which are pretty convenient for when you are walking long distances. The Sherpa Delta cat carrier, however, does not have wheels which might be inconveniencing to some users.

​Our Verdict

The Sherpa Delta Pet Carrier is a pretty fine cat carrier. The fact that it is approved by multiple organizations such as the Humane Society, the ASPCA, and multiple Veterinarians for safety makes it worth investing in.

We also love that it is guaranteed on board making your air travel planning much easier. The little additions such as a side pocket, extra carrying strap, and interlocking zippers are among the things that make this carrier quite convenient to use.

However, there is no such thing as a perfect cat carrier so we don’t expect the Sherpa Delta carrier to come without fault. Its main drawback is the mesh sides which can rip and the lack of wheels. The mesh sides can be handled by taking measures such as clipping your cat’s nails preventing her from scratching the sides.

That said, this carrier is worth its price (around $40) if you are looking for a day to day cat carrier, the best thing about it is that you will not need to buy a new carrier when taking a flight with your cat.

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