Understanding Your Cats Behavior

Just like people, every cat will have their own personality, but you will often find that most cats share common behavioral traits amongst their species. Most of these behaviors and oddities come naturally to cats but occasionally, strange behavior can be a sign of issues that you can help solve for your furry friend.

We’re going to help you understand exactly what is normal and what isn’t, hopefully improving your relationship with your cat by ensuring that they’re as content as can be.

​Why is My Cat Urinating on My Favorite Possessions?

Unlike humans, animals use their urine to mark their territory, establishing ownership over a particular environment. This act of spraying is perfectly normal, if somewhat undesirable for us humans. We suggest keeping your home as tidy as possible as well as reducing the number of new objects you introduce into your home environment. It also helps to provide your cat with things that they are allowed to spray such as a cat carrier they can sleep and travel in.

understanding your cats body language

Occasionally, cats will also urinate when they’re feeling anxious. The trick is in knowing what has brought on this behavior, especially if a recent change. We suggest monitoring your cats overall sense of wellbeing and checking to see whether they are feeling threatened by any other cats in the area. Relieving this anxiety will go a long way to relegating feline urinating to the litter tray.

​Why is My Cat Scratching?

Your cat and their tendency to scratch is perfectly normal. The trick is in monitoring what they are choosing to scratch for any signs of anxiety or behavioral difficulties.

If your cat is scratching you, your family or guests to you home; this is likely to be a sign of stress or frustration. We would recommend giving your cat space to see if this alleviates these symptoms. In addition, a visit to your vet is always a good idea to check whether your cat is experiencing any health complaints.

Your cat choosing to scratch your furniture is sadly normal and is done for two reasons. The first involves scent marking through the paws and the second is to shed the dead skin that contains their nails, keeping them sharp and healthy.

We suggest buying your cat a suitable scratching post which will give them something purpose built to focus on.

​Why is My Cat Rubbing?

You might see a theme developing here. Rather than as a sign of affection, cats rub themselves up against people and objects to transfer their scent over to the object in question. This could include you or an object within your home that they like.

There is nothing to be concerned about here as cats will do what cats like to do.

Why is My Cat Meowing?

You may not know this but cats will only meow at humans. Cats prefer to hiss, growl or screech at other cats but will save meowing as a form of communication specifically for us.

Your cat will be trying to tell you something; perhaps its hungry, wants to go outside, or maybe it just wants you to play with it. It’s difficult to say with cats but it’s usually nothing to be concerned about.

Why is My Cat Kneading?

Cats typically tend to knead when they’re feeling comfortable and getting ready to relax. They will do this when about to lay down in their favorite cat bed, on their favorite spot on the sofa or even on your legs when they’re about to sit in your lap. This kneading can also be accompanied with purring and drooling; simply a cat displaying their pleasure.

As you might have guessed, kneading is also one of the many ways that cats are able to transfer their personal scent over to an object. If you don’t mind your cats kneading your legs but would prefer not to get scratched, simply place a blanket between yourself and your cat or trim their claws.

​Why is My Cat Swishing his Tail?

Cats, like most animals, possess many different ways to communicate amongst themselves and with humans. One of these signs of feline body language is the swishing of the tail, though sadly it is usually a sign of heightened arousal which translates to anger.

We suggest staying clear of your cat until they’ve calmed down. In addition, why not gift them with a selection of cat toys which will help focus their attention and energy elsewhere?

​Quirky Cats

And there you have it, the most common cat behavioral traits wrapped up in a neat nutshell. As said earlier, if your cat is going above and beyond to scare you or is showing signs of distress, it’s a good idea to take them to a vet to have them looked over for signs of any problems and the presence of fleas and ticks (which can be treated with a cat flea collar) which cats are prone to attracting.

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