The Best Cat Beds

Cats can be the darnedest little beasts. One cat owner spent ages selecting the furriest, warmest, most prettily coloured cat bed for her cat. It was quite an expensive one, too. But when the cat bed arrived, the cat decided to sleep in the Amazon packaging box instead.

We all know how difficult cats can be. But even so, there are certain products that get great reviews from both their feline occupants and their human purchasers. We researched and reviewed the top products available to come up with the five best cat beds which have proved acceptable to the majority of felines, reducing the risk of you buying something that’s unacceptable to your furry companion.

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One of the most important criteria is whether the bed is open, like the traditional cat basket or blanket, or closed, like a cave, for the cat to snuggle into. Cats definitely have their particular preferences; some like to snuggle under the blankets (one reason you may need to buy them their own beds, to keep them out of yours), and others like to sprawl.

If you have a particularly big cat, such as a Maine Coon or Rag Doll, you also need to make sure you’ve got a bed that’s big enough for her to be comfortable. The materials used in the construction are also important, ranging from pure wool to 100% polyester, and you may want a cat bed that matches your décor, though your cat probably couldn’t care less about that.

The 5 Best Cat Beds

So without further ado, here are the best cat beds currently available to buy online.

​​1. Twin Critters KittiKubbi Cat Bed

Pros & Cons

The Twin Critters ‘KittiKubbi’ is a remarkably versatile cat bed; it can be used as a ‘cat cave’, giving a cat a sheltered, warm retreat, or it can be squashed down as a cat cushion or blanket. In most cases, the cat is the boss, and will simply decide whether he wants to wriggle inside or jump on top. With a footprint of 20 inches by 20 inches, this cat bed is big enough for a pretty chunky feline; in fact, there’s room for two adult cats to snuggle up inside.

best cat beds
  • ​100% natural
  • ​Free from chemicals
  • ​Can be flattened and turned into a mat
  • ​Compact footprint measuring 20 x 20 inches
  • ​Very durable, designed to prevent your cat from destroying it

Sometimes a cat bed can be unpleasing to your kitty because she can smell chemicals used in the construction. The KittiKubbi won’t offend her nose – it’s 100% felt made with New Zealand merino wool, and with no chemicals used at any stage of the process. There are no wires used in it that could eventually work loose; only the thickness of the felting makes it stand up.

This cat bed is really elegant, in dark grey wool with a simple swirl pattern in light grey. It’s practical as well as elegant, though; the felt is durable, and won’t snag or pill, and it’s difficult for a cat to get her claws into since there are no threads to get a purchase on.

Our Thoughts

You can even feel good about buying this product because it’s not just eco-friendly, it’s also doing good by giving secure employment to Nepali women who hand-felt the wool.

This isn’t the cheapest of cat beds but you should still not be paying more than $60 or so. There are a couple of downsides; one is that because there’s no wire frame, it can easily start to look a bit lopsided if your cat pushes it about. (That’s the negative that comes with versatility.) The other is that though it’s easy to clean, it’s hand wash only – don’t even think about putting it in a washing machine.

​2. Kitty Ball Rattan Cat Bed

Pros & Cons

The Refined Feline kitty ball rattan cat bed is our most expensive option, at $70-80, and it’s a cat bed that will delight anyone who likes rustic elegance. It takes the traditional wicker basket bed and makes it vertical – like turning a bungalow into a skyscraper.

  • ​Constructed from a very durable poly rattan material which is scratch resistant
  • ​Sturdy base to ensure your cat won’t knock it over easily
  • Plenty of privacy for your cat
  • Fantastic design which would look great in any home
  • ​The supplied pillow is a little on the small side

It’s made of poly rattan, which unlike wicker, will resist getting clawed, and it’s a beautiful shape with its ball shaped ‘bedchamber’ fixed on a pedestal. Though the bed is raised up, it’s not high off the ground, so cats who might not want to jump all the way up to the radiator-hung bed might prefer this one. It gives your cat plenty of privacy as well as a vantage point for watching what’s going on.

Our Thoughts

​​On the downside, the pillow supplied with it is rather small; many cats prefer their humans to supply them with a blanket or cushion inside, instead. And when consulting owners, it seems that it’s a love it or hate it product for cats – more so than other cat beds.

​​3. Bamboo Cat Furniture Radiator Bed

Pros & Cons

Rosewood Pet’s bamboo radiator cat bed is an upmarket version of the cat hammock that will not only look great in a contemporary décor flat but also suit cats who like to climb around. It’s made to hang over a radiator, but can also be slung over a bed frame, banister, or towel rail, and it comes with a cushion which can be taken out and cleaned whenever necessary. It’s a great option for smaller homes, since the cat bed isn’t taking up valuable floor space.

  • Brilliant design which can be attached to a radiator or any other similar fixture
  • ​Easy to clean due to removeable cushion
  • ​Great for homes where space is at a premium
  • Washable blanket for your cat
  • ​Guaranteed to keep your cat amused
  • ​Perfect for keeping your cat warm
  • ​Can be a little tricky to assemble

Cats can jump into the end, or they can use the porthole in the top – most will probably want to investigate both options. Most owners say their cats love it. Cats love being next to the radiator anyway, to keep warm – this is a great way to offer them that option and let them do a bit of climbing, too.

Our Thoughts

There’s one potential problem; this cat bed doesn’t fit old style antique radiators, only thinner modern ones, so if you live in an older property or conversion, you may be out of luck. Of course, if you have other rails or banisters that fit, you can use those instead.

The bed can also be a little tricky to assemble – it doesn’t need any particular skill but attaching the ends so that the hooks match up is a bit fiddly. At around $40 this is a nice way to give your cat a stylish little pad of his own.

​​4. Pet Magasin Self Warming Thermal Cat Bed

Pros & Cons

The Pet Magasin self-warming cat bed is as versatile as you can get – it can be used as a round basket, a cat cave or a blanket, depending on how you fold it. Its faux fur lining, foam padding, and microfibre outer shell will keep any kitty as warm as toast, and it’s easily cleaned too – hand wash and tumble dry. It looks great – however it’s used – with the furry lining providing an attractive trim to the fawn plush exterior.

  • Multi functional cat bed with a variety of uses
  • ​Great thermal properties which will keep your cat toasty
  • Combination of internal materials that are soft and hardwearing
  • ​Affordable yet stylish and versatile
  • The roof of the bed isn’t very supportive and can be difficult to prop up when used as a cave
  • ​Handwash only

Used as a basket it’s 17 inches in diameter, and used as a cat cave it’s 20 inches long, which should be big enough for all but the biggest cats. It’s particularly good for the kind of cat who likes to snuggle under a blanket, since they can wriggle right in. The only downside is that a bit like the KittyKubbi, it’s not quite rigid enough, and tends to flop down a bit in front when it’s being used as a cat cave. (One buyer rigged it up with a wire coat hanger to give the cat her own little ‘tent’.)

Our Thoughts

This cat bed runs around $30, and given its versatility you’re really getting three different cat beds for the price of one!

​​5. Armakat Cat Cave

Pros & Cons

The Armarkat cat bed is a simple cave design available in several colors, and at around $25 is one of the cheaper options we looked at. It’s made in soft velvet and has a removable pillow that can be machine washed – no need to handwash.

It has no hard surfaces and no wires, just lots and lots of polyester stuffing that makes it a very warm bed – great for outdoor cats who need somewhere warm to snuggle in a barn. It’s also relatively weighty, so it won’t tip over if your cat wiggles around or chases mice in his sleep.

  • ​Exceptional value for money
  • ​Very warm due to additional padding
  • Sturdy design making it difficult to knock over
  • ​Durable and sturdy body
  • Has wheels that are able to function on uneven terrains including stairs
  • It is Airline approved
  • ​Not the largest cat bed so might not be suitable for larger cats

There are a few downsides. It measures only 18 inches long, so a really large cat might find it uncomfortably cramped. And it ​also has a slight chemical smell attached to it so you might want to air it out first.

Our Thoughts

On the other hand, over 90% of cats given this cat bed loved it – the highest proportion of ‘likes’ of any of the beds we looked at. There seem to be relatively few feline doubters, so chances are high that if you pick this bed, your cat will choose the bed and not the Amazon box.

​​Our Verdict

And the winner is… the KittiKubbi. Its simplicity, versatility, and 100% natural material make it an outstanding cat bed, and its favorable feedback from satisfied customers show that both owners and cats approve.

​Whichever bed you decide to buy, remember that it can take cats a while to get used to a new bed. Sprinkling a little catnip can help a cat get interested, or you could put one of her favorite toys in the bed to show her the way to go. You’ll still probably need a little patience as Fluffy sniffs around doubtfully, but most of the time, cats will come round to the right idea in the end.

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